Terrible Stomach Pains

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Revel - July 4

ok so the last few days ive had real bad stomach pains like when your sick and eat bad food and have food poisoning i know i dont got food poisoning cuz ive only aten what my husband has aten and he is fine im 37 weeks tomorrow i cant sleep i cant do anything it hurts so much :( is this like braxton hicks or maybe prelabor pains or something or is it just stretching since tahts what my dr says everything is LOL im nauseas adn i feel like ima have diareah (sorry for TMI) havent yet tho :| anyone have any idea or having the same problem?


stormy - July 4

possibility of labour im guessing.. or maybe a virus???


babyluv - July 4

that sounds like what I am going through right now(actually the past 2 days). About 20 minutes after I eat I get so sick to my stomach and think I might puke or get diarrhea and have the pains too. I am 37 1/2 weeks. (I thought it was food poisoning too, but like you said dh and I have been eating the same things and he is fine.) I wonder what today will bring?


apr - July 4

Me too!!!!! Actually, I have been vomiting too!!! And my dh has eaten the same food as me. I am 36 weeks. This has started since last night... Oh!!! All I want is my baby OUT!!!! Though it is still a bit little and I would want it to grow a little more!!! Oh well... I guess it has to come out eventually


ashley - July 4

well if you are that close to delivering, guess how cramped your poor stomach is and squished in your abdominal cavity. I know the feeling of thinking you are going to have diarrhea, but don't... I just dont get the pains as bad as you guys are descibing it. I am 37 weeks tomorrow too.


Revel - July 4

i actually did end up with diarhea the pains arent as bad as they were this mourning cuz i took a nice hot bath but they keep coming and going now instead of being nonstop my sister inlaw and her daughter ate with us lastnight adn they feel fine also so i dont know all i know is it hu8rts bad lol warm baths do help tho ^_^ only been going on since yesterday x.x maybe its world wide conspiracy for all of us to have same proba dn go to labor at same tim eLOL :) im surprised so many ppl havin same thing on same day kinda cool in a way :P



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