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mizliz - March 7

HELP! I am getting induced at 6 am! OMG!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE! and there is no turning back now! It HAS to come out! This is my first child and I am terrified of labor and delivery! Does it hurt to get your water broke? I just needed to get this out! Someone please give me some reassurance that I can do this! Any last minute tips would be appreciated!!!


Holly - March 7

I am having my first too (36 1/2 weeks). I am due April 1. I don't know what to expect either and I know your scared (I am scared too). My husband always says that millions of women do it and they get through it so I should be ok. I am offering you the same advice. I am sure it's painful but your body has been preparing for this for 9 months. Your going to be ok and in a few days your going to be on here telling us about your birthing experience. You may even tell us it wasn't that bad. You can do it. Getting your water broken isn't suppose to hurt (so everyone I have spoken to tells me). Please let us know how it goes. Good Luck.


to mizliz - March 7

It seems like you & quite a few others on this forum are being forced to be induced without a good medical reason. That your docs, while back in the beginning of pregnancy likely told you that you're not really late until past 42 weeks, recently told you that past 40 weeks was late in the hopes you'd have a short term memory. To some degree, everyone's scared of labor & delivery, but this explosion of women being induced once they're 42 weeks & a day is ridiculous & dangerous. Did your doc even tell you that the placenta was in trouble? Or just that you're this far along so induction is inevitable? I'm not even sorry that this isn't completely addressing your original concern. I'm really p|ssed that women are being taken by their docs like this over & over. Babies know when to come out. It's extremely rare that they don't & get to the point of real distress. But how would anyone on this continent know that when so many seem to believing the lie?


to Holly - March 7

I wouldn't be so sure. There are countless incidents of doctors inducing & pushing labor along & even scaring mothers to accomplish just that... only for the mother to find out that the doc had a golf game, out-of-town event, or non-emergency regular office appointments to go to. Read up on it.


heather - March 7

To mizliz..I had my water broke after being in labour for a while with my 1st and 2nd...it is only uncomfortable for a minute...and they usually do it during a contraction, so you don't really notice it that much. My 3rd little guy, my water broke at home and I had to be induced, because contractions weren't starting, so it was a little more intense of contractions, closer together, than natural, BUt it was soooooo much quicker. You will be just fine, and by tomorrow, you will have your little one in your arms loving him/her...and any pain you felt will have been worth it. something that helped me dialate with#2 was a super hot bath at the hospital...I went from 3cm. to 6 cm. in like 45 min. way faster than my first...and I had done tons of walking with #2 instead of just sitting around...which helped it happen faster too I think....Good Luck!


^lucy^ - March 8

mizliz ur so lucky u'll be having ur baby angel in no time now :) good luck dear im only 29 weeks but cant wait till i meet my baby.. how far are u now? i know it wont be so much fun right now but they say u'll cherish every moment u've gone through once u see ur baby.. ours will be our first baby too and she's a girl :) good luck and best wishes for a smooth delivery and fast recovery



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