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Kimmy - September 19

Over the past 7 months, i can honestly say that I have enjoyed my pregnancy. I have been blesed with minimal morning sickness, and only recently have i started feeling the "aches and pains" the normal pregnant body goes thru. However, recently I have been posting in the 'third trimester' room, and reading all the posts from all of you anxiously awaiting the arrival of your babies, and reading how furstrated you are with waiting ... and just want your little babies here NOW !!! As much as I share the anticipation of seeing my little boy, and taking him home, and caring for him, I am completely TERREFIED of labour and delivery !!! Is anyone else feeling the same way!?!? I mean I am soo scared sometimes I have to try and push it out of my head because I get short of breath and start to panic! Please tell me someone out there shares my fear!


Barb - September 19

I do...I do!! I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack or something during labor...LOL! I was suffering from panic / anxiety attacks about 2 years ago and was in the hosp....they put me on medication,which helped, but I went off them long before I got pregnant. ...but I'm totally scared to do it again, this is my 3rd baby...but our other 2 children and 10 and 13 so it's been a while....personally, I would have taken an epidural as soon as I found out I was pregnant if they would allow it..hahaha.... =) I have to stop and think about something else bc it scares me so much...you're not alone!


Heidi - September 19

I don't fear labor. I am going to welcome it with open arms so I can get it over with and have my body back!!!! I've heard horror stories from friends and some women on this post and I don't care. It's my first and last baby so I think I can handle a few hours of pain or maybe 14 hours. Thank god for drugs! I plan on doing the water birth if everything works out too and I heard that really helps take the pain away. We'll see! I'm 35 wks and some days I'm just miserable. I want my body back. I actually have dreams about being thin again!


Kelly - September 19

I don't know if I'm scared or not...Right now I'd rather have the baby be in pain for a couple hours or 14 like Heidi said, and get it over with, then be in pain for the next few weeks. I'm 38 weeks and it has been one big big pain. My husband and I have want a baby so bad. Where only 20 and have been married for a 1 1/2 years. I was always afraid I couldn't have a baby. My dad can't have kids so I guess thats why I thought like that. This is my second pregnancy, I lost my first when I was only 2 months, but when you have a baby inside you for even that short of time, you still love it with all your heart. So when that happened I really thought I couldn't have a baby. But now I have a little bundle of joy in my tummy and he's about ready to come out and I can't wait. And I'd do ith all over again...I think. LOL Thanks for listening


Christy - September 19

I'm only 30 weeks, so I don' t think the labor and delivery fear has hit me yet. I have my childbirth education course in four weeks, so maybe I'll feel differently then. Kelly- just wondering, how can your dad not be able to have kids if he has you? If he is an adopted father, then you would not inherit any of his health issues, right? I am just confused as to why you thought that you would not be able to have kids because of that. Well, in any case, congratualtions on your pregnancy and good luck with the baby.


Beth - September 19

Kimmy, I am terrified of labor too. I wasn't until about a week ago. I am now 39 weeks. I can't stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. Like what if I need a c-section or how much will I tear or will I have an episiotomy. There are so many things I am afraid of. I am anxious to go into labor so I can experience it but it is fearful. I have never really thought to much about the labor but I am scared to death of all of it. I only have like 4 days left untill I will be induced so yes I am terrified right along with you.


Lisa - September 20

I'm 34 weeks and although my pregnancy has been relatively complication free I did have 3 full months of morning sickness and lots of crying. It's my 1st pregnancy and the closer I get to labor and delivery the more I cry. I think about it so much that I get depressed and make myself almost sick. I'm trying not to worry I know that God is going to care of both the baby and myself but it's still just really scary. Good Luck!


pbj - September 20

I know that I'm terrified. I've never even had st_tches or broken bones my whole life, so I'm not real good with pain. My best friend is pregnant w/ her 3rd and she is also a high risk pregnancy nurse so it's nice to have her around to rea__sure me that all is going to be fine. (she can freak me out sometimes too though) I know most women wouldn't want to watch, but I watch those programs on DHC everyday just to prepare myself. I guess I've just accepted that it's going to be the worst pain I've ever felt in my life, but then followed by the greatest joy I've ever known. Oh, and luckily I have a great husband, I'm sure I won't think he's so great several hours into labor though. HAHAHA! Kimmy, I'm sure you'll do great, I'm sure we all will; for us it's just the fear of the unknown.


Tigerphoenix - September 20

Ohhhhhhhhh Kimmy! I feel exactly the same way! It really got bad after I went on the hospital tour and they showed a video of a woman getting an epidural done. I hate hospitals so that is part of my problem but like you the thought of the process of having my little girl is unnerving. Trust my hun. You are by no means alone in your anxiety.


Heidi - September 20

I'm willing to go through hell and back to have this over with so I can have my body back!!!!! Bring on the pain!


eq - September 20

well, my fear comes from just having to do it alone. My boyfriend is trying to recover from a drug problem and is on a waiting list to get into rehab and I am 30 weeks this week. My family all lives 2,000 miles away and don't have any friends really. I want him to go and don't want him to hear my concerns because I don't want him to postpone treatment or feel guilty.


Tara - September 20

I feel the same way mainly after my husband and i toured the birthing rooms at the hospital.I'm 33 weeks and 1 day..I'm excited but also scared so i feel the same way.



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