Test For Determining If The Cervix Will Stay Closed

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Olivene - May 11

Have any of you had this test? I had it today. It was a culture type test. The doc said it will let us know if my cervix will stay closed past the due date. Anyone heard of this? Do you know what it is called?


Olivene - May 11



Emily - May 11

Well I have not heard of the test to say, but my doc told me at my 33 week check up that he will do an internal exam at my next appointment (35 weeks) and will be able to tell me if I will go early or late. He did no such thing with my first, but I supose that has to do with the fact that it was my first and he suppected that I would go late. He did tell me at 40 weeks that I would be pregnant for at least another week, maybe two. He was close, I delieved my dd one week after her due date. But it wasn't a test and this time he didn't say test, he just said he's do an exam and be able to tell me. I am not sure ho he will be able to tell. The cervix maybe closed and hard when he checks it at 35 weeks, but that is still 3 weeks form my due date, so I am not sure how he will be able to tell. I will also have a culture type test, but it will be for strep B. They are two different things he told me. Let me know what you hear from your doc as it will be interesting. I will try to remember to check back intow weeks and let you know what mine said. (my appointment is May 23.)


mama-beans - May 11

The Fetal Fibronectin test, or FFN? I had one of those to rule out pre-term labor at 32 weeks... they swab your cervix and send the culture off to be tested for a specific chemical that is present when the cervix is preparing to dialate.. Is that what you had?


Olivene - May 12

Thanks, Emily and Mama, My doc did do an interanl exam, and I was wondering if it was just the GBS test, but Mama, I think what you said sounds more like it. I am going to look that up! Thanks, gals!



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