Tested For Group B Strep 37 Weeks Pregnant

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Corissa - November 16

Does anyone know the harm, long term affects of GBS to a baby if they get it? Does anyone know the odds of passing it in a va___al delivery? Is it safer to get a c section? Any ANY help on this would be nice. Thanks


Dez - November 17

I also tested + for group b strep, and very worried about it myself, the effects if the baby catches it is pretty scary (do a google search). but my dr. told me that they give you antibiotics durning labor so that the baby doesnt catch it. also he told me that the chances of the baby actually getting it without the antibiotics is slim. because the baby would actually have to take a breath while coming out and breath it in for it to settle in there lungs, and get them sick. I was really worried about it at first too because I wasnt getting really straight forward answers, but if you bring it to your dr. attn that you are really concerned about it , then they will pay more attn and explain it more in detail.


Y - November 18

Just make sure your doctor gives you antibiotics during labor. The chances of baby getting the bacteria is very, very small.


MrsKD - November 24

It can cause the baby to become septic.Since you are aware the you are a carrier, you should be given antibiotics during birth, no worries!


susie - July 31

I also tested positive for this. Does anyone know how this is contracted?


Jamie - August 1

I too tested +. 30% of all women test positive. It's not "contracted" - it's always there. We all have all kinds of bacteria living in various places on our bodies - that's one reason personal hygiene is so important. You're not "dirty" or "sick", you just happen to have a bacteria which could potentially infect your baby - BUT, since you know about it, it's not nearly as big of a deal as it would've been had you not been tested.


Lesley Ann - August 1

The chances of your baby getting sick are very slim. I have it too and my doctor told me that I will be given antibiotics as soon as I get in the hospital for delivery.


Katharine - August 1

I actually only received one dose of the antibiotics last time and had no problems.


~S~ - August 2

Here's something that you might want to read, if you're concerned about GBS. http://www.astdhpphe.org/infect/strepb.html



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