Tested Positive For GBS

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ELLMOM - July 13

Im 39 weeks pregnant and at my last app my doc said i tested positive for GBS. She put me on antibiotics and told me to make sure i tell the nurses when i go into labor that i tested positive so they can make sure im put on an iv of antibotics right away. Ive done reseacrh on GBS and as long as everything is taken care of the baby and i will be fine!! But i always have it in the back of my head that something can go wrong. Has this happened to anyone else! Please if so write back! Going a little crazy!!!


mjvdec01 - July 13

I am 38 weeks 3 days and tested negative for GBS, however, I do know that if they put you on the antibiotics, and give you the IV antibiotics when you are admitted that you and the baby will more likely than not, be just fine. At this point I would try not to worry and just enjoy your last few days of pregnancy as much as you can. It sounds like you are being well taken care of. Are you having a girl or a boy? Did you chose a name? We are having a boy this time, and decided on the name Nathaniel James Venable. We will probably call him Nathan or Nate most of the time. Congratulations to you and I am sure the baby will be perfectly healthy.


britt_m - July 13

For my dd I tested positive for GBS. Its not that big a deal. I went in after my water broke at 37 weeks, there was also meconium in the fluid. Got the IV of antibiotics, never got any before. Had no problems having her or afterwards. Shes now 13 months and I'm preggo with ds. I haven't been tested yet but it can be positive one pregnancy and neg another. They just give you antibiotics to be cautious, the child would be affected as it came out of the birth ca___l, and would show signs and symptoms afterwards. Like for example I got penecillan to take before I even got my wisdom tooth pulled, its just to help ward off infection before it really has a chance, and for the baby theres only a very slight chance. I went home with her after 24 hours, technically it was less than that.


ELLMOM - July 14

Thank you ladies, it makes me feel a lot better now. I do have an 8- year old son and i just dont remember even testing for gbs back then, so i just wanted to know a little more on it. Were having a girl this time around and very excited. Her name will be Isabella Debiann after her grandmother whose no longer with us. We already started calling her baby Bella for short. Good Luck and thanks again!


britt_m - July 14

Beautiful name and congrats!!


Tracy88 - July 14

I had GBS last year when I was PG with my daughter. They did the same thing....put me on antibiotics and when I gave birth I was on an IV. Everything worked out fine. It's very common and nothing to be worried about. As long as they know you have/had it when you go to the hospital then you will be in good shape!



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