Testing For Bacteria

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Jess - September 6

Has anyone ever been tested for bacteria in the 35 week. I was told by my doctor that they will test for bacteria down there at 35 weeks to make sure that I do not have it and can not transfer it to my baby. Thanks!!


Missey - September 6

Yes, they tend to check for the Beta Strep bacteria around 36 weeks of pregnancy. I am 35 weeks now (with third child) so I'm being tested next week. The test is painless, just swabbing around outside of v____a and rectal area. If you test positive don't fret, they'll give you antibiotics during labor to prevent transmission to the baby during delivery. Take Care!


leslie - September 6

funny you mention it.. I just had it today..I am 36 weeks,it wasn't painful at all like Missey says they do some swabbing around the outside of v____a and rectal area..it takes less than a minute..thank god this is my last test!


Angel - September 8

I had this test done early in my pregnancy, it's called Group B strep, my DR told me they will give you antibiotics during labor, just so the baby does not get it, this is my 4th and last and have given birth within 2 hrs with everyone of them, so he said, if that happens with this one then theres a slight chance the baby could get it. Hope this helps! Angel


Barb - September 8

does anyone have any symptoms of this bacteria??


miranda - September 8

Hey, Angel, I just wanted to let you know that the CDC no longer recommends treating moms in labor with antibiotics if they tested positive in early pregnancy. They say you should still have the 36 week swab because the bacteria is very transient and comes and goes easily. Some drs might not be up on their info so you should ask to be swabbed again and avoid the antibiotics if you can or at least give you some peace of mind about your fast labors.


Me - September 9

Angel what do you mean you gave birth with in 2 hrs, do you mean after they gave you the antibiotics? and did you kids come early, I tested positive to


K - September 13

It's not that big of a deal. About 40% of people have this bacteria naturally, it won't hurt you & there aren't any symptoms. It can hurt your baby only in very very rare cases, which is why they give you the antibiotics during labour. Everything will be fine!



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