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Monkeyluv - January 11

Good Morning! I just have a quick question to see if this is normal. When I first went into the Dr. for this pregnancy she had me go in for a toxicology test, of course it came out negitive. Then mid (20 somthing weeks) pregnancy she had me go in for another one... NOW at 36 weeks she is having me go in for another one. I have done no drugs while I was pregnant and I feel kind of like this is really superfluous, but I do not want to make a big deal about it because it might look like I have something to hid. But I just wanted to see if it was routine to do tests like this or if there is some reason why she thinks she should be doing this to me. I have asked a couple people that I know that have children and they do not remember ever even having to take a drug test. The only thing I can think of is that I am young (21) and she is being discriminatory. Please give me your guys thoughts. Thanks!


Becky - January 11

I am 30 weeks, and my dr. has not mentioned this test at all. I don't know......


Brittany D. - January 11

Im 29 weeks and i'm 16,and i have my doctor has never made me take a drug test


Brittany D. - January 11

sorry i didnt read my answer before i pressed submit,but if you couldnt understand it,i DID NOT have to take one


MeM - January 11

When I went to my first appt I had to take one, but my dr hasn't mentioned anything again about it. I'm now 27 weeks


jb - January 11

i have never taken any test like that during my pregnancy, nor has it even come up. I would ask your doctor why they keep having you do the test. Who cares if it looks like you have something to hide. Even though your doctor wants you to take the tests, YOU are the one who is really in charge. You are ent_tled to know the reason for this test.


Ginny - January 11

Wow, I've never heard of that happening! Maybe you should just firmly say, "Is there a specific reason that you're having me take this test?" And if she says it's standard procedure, ask her if it's just standard procedure for your age group or everyone. That would make me very uncomfortable and defensive! But it sounds like you are pretty patient.


Monkeyluv - January 11

See I have been really patient. When I got home last night my husband was FURIOUS because he doesnt feel like it is right either. Now hearing everyone responses I kind of feel like I should have made more of a deal about it. It has made me uncomfortable, and the last time I went in to take the test the lady that was behind the desk was really nice until she saw what I was in there for. Then her personality totally changed. I felt like a peice of garbage honestly, even if the tests come out negative, why is she thinking that it is nessisary to check me like this. I may give her a call today... I dont think it is right that I feel lke this after I have done nothing wrong.


BB - January 11

I am sorry Monkeyluv...I think this is horrible! I am 36 weeks and I have never heard of this test. Obviously I haven't had to take it and I personally would be very offended if I was asked to take it especially three times. Thats crazy!


mel - January 11

I've never taken one either. the first thing to pop into my head when reading this for some reason was I wondered if that particular Dr has ever had a lawsuit filed against them due to a baby being born to a drug using mother and tests were never done to ensure the mother wasn't using. or somethign to that affect. know what I'm saying? something like that usually causes places to go crazy and start putting superfluous measures in place to ensure it never happens again. just a thought. WHATEVER the reason, you should still call the doctor and ask her for an explanation. always remember, the doctor works for you....not the other way around. take care!!!


Chris - January 11

This is my 3 rd pregnancy and I have never had that test. I was only 20 with my 1 st.


Emy - January 11

Never heard of this either......wow, I would be upset too if I had to keep taking these tests.


Natalie - January 11

i could see why they would do it if you had taken drugs before, but not three times. it sounds like your doc is trying to find any reason to get you to pay for these tests. ask them they they are doing it, because there may be a wierd reason like thee is a level of a sertain element in your body and they are keeping an eye on it. but you should be informed as to why you need these things!


melissa - January 12

Monkeyluv, I am an attorney, and pregnant. 1) I never had any toxicology tests and 2) i have not, to my knowledge, heard of this being a routine standard of care for ANY age group. You need to a__sert yourself and ask your doctor why you were tested in the first place and why she is continuing to test you -- I dont think it will make it look like you have anything to hide whatsoever. YOU are the paying consumer -- you have a right to know why certain tests are being performed on you!


sarahlorrain - January 12

I agree with everyone. I am pregnant with my third child at 23, and my doctor has never tested me for this; I got pregnant with my first child at 18. I think you need to a__sert yourself and ask what is up.


Marlene - January 12

I dont think its a age thing I'm 19 and 29wks and never had this done.



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