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Christy - October 31

Okay- I am going to vent a little bit. I have offered to have everyone at our house for a potluck-style Thanksgiving this year. We did it last year and it worked really well since we have more room than his parents and we are located more centrally for everyone invited. I thought it would be good to do it that way again because I am due on 11/26 and think it would be easier to do it here given our possible scenarios. Well, wouldn't you know, my MIL is trying to fight us on it. I am at the point where I feel she can do whatever she wants, but I am not going to her house if I am ready to burst, or have a very young newborn to haul around with me. I wish she would look at it from our point of view and what would be convenient for us, but I don't think she is capable of looking beyond the fact that she has "always" done Thanksgiving and that we may go into labor on Thanksgiving. (If I went in to labor on Thanksgiving, we told them that they can still come here and use our house. They ARE family after all.) Interestingly, the rest of the family is fine with having it here, so maybe we should just plan on it, and she'll either have to give in and come here or have it alone with my FIL at their place. It just frustrates the heck out of me. Anyone else due near turkey day and doing something different for the holiday or having similar issues?


Jodie - October 31

Hi Christy...i am due nov 22nd. So hopefully the little guy pops out before thanksgiving. I am not sure what we are doing yet. If I were you I would just plan to have it at my house and if the inlaws want to join great...if not...their loss you know. You think they would understand. Goodluck!


Brandy - October 31

Christy, I must say that you are a bigger woman than I. I admire the fact that you offered to have Thanksgiving at all being so close to your due date. My MIL is often the same way with holidays, but last year she gave in (only b/c they moved 2 hrs. away). However, I have threatened my husband not to offer this year. My in-laws wanted to have Christmas at our house this year (I am due around 12/26). I just politely said "no". If I were you, I would let the MIL do it, but if you are sure you can do this, I would just let her know that it is at your house this year...she'll either come or not. It amazes me why people have to fight with the pregnant woman...just give in :)


Jen - October 31

I am due 11/26 also! My husband and I always travel to our hometown (2 hours away) to celebrate Thanksgiving, and that is how we planned it this year (I was originally due 12/12, but now the doctor says I probably won't even make it to 11/26). Anyway, we are just going to play it by ear and see how I am progressing. His family actually asked if we could have it at our house, but I am not comfortable with that at all. It is a lot of responsibility and stress that I really don't need right now, but if you a re comfortable with opening your home if you do go into labor, then more power to you! It is all what you feel best about. Maybe you could ask for a little extra help from the MIL if you think that maybe she feels left out? Good luck!


Christy - October 31

Thanks for the responses. I probably won't be cooking at all this year. Everyone else is bringing the food. We are basically just having about 9-10 people over our house to use our space. My husband's relatives really get into the clean-up too, so I probably won't even have to do that. He spoke with his mom today and she seems more "on-board" with coming over here now, so hopefully it will all go well!



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