That S A Wrap Everyone

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docbytch - October 12

Yep. I made it through this whole pregnancy thing in one piece....and better did my little Derek Evans!! He was born via a scheduled csection due to my AMA, High blood pressure, gest diabetes, and history of traumatic birth. It's a damn good thing he was born that way too because had I tried the other way he likely would have gotten stuck. His birthweight comes in at a very healthy 10lbs8oz. 21" Born at 0756 on 10/9. I was discharged 10/11 at noon....considerably sooner than most according to hospital staff. I was up and walking on post-op day 0. We had to arrive at the hospital early in the am to monitor baby and fill out mounds of paperwork. They walked me into the OR at 0715. Overall...I was a wreck during the procedure...but did my best to put on a brave front. The spinal needle hurt like heck when it found the right spot! However, the worst part of the procedure was the panicky feeling that came over me as that below-the-diaphragm paralysis set in..and the fear I was gonna hurl at any second. Doc stayed on top of it though and got rid of the nausea as soon as it began.... My DH took shots of my face during the procedure too...looking at them now you can tell I was scared shitless. Luckily,....I felt next to nothing even as they were pulling Derek out of me! All I kept hearing mentioned over and over again was "Look at how BIG this baby is!" Unfortunately...Derek had to spend about four hours in the NICU for tachypnea and hypoglycemia....but his respirations and sugars did normalize and he was brought to us by 4pm that afternoon. Derek beautiful and sweet natured little baby. My DH and I have since melted into puddles all over the floor. We seem to be falling all over each other and ourselves to take care of this precious little gift we have been given. Derek was conceived with the idea of uniting our blended families together...and the coolest part...he seems to have traits we can identify which belong to people on both sides of our family! The strongest genes appear to have come from me though.... As far as recovery time....I was up and walking that day...have been up every day since enough such that they went ahead and discharged me today. Nurses were surprised at my recovery to find out I am 40 when they have many young women who will not get out of bed for days after a csection. It's nice to give us older moms a good name..LOL. Yes the pain sucks ass!!! I have lots of drugs and it's gonna be a while before my body even remotely resembles my prepreg body....although I probably weigh less now than I did before the preg. My feet and lower legs have swollen horribly and are expected to remain that way for two weeks or so. Carpal tunnel remains or has worsened....but I AM done and my boy is....adorable. Neither DH or I can stop holding him!!! Thank you to all the nice women out there on this forum who have been kind to me and have been my friends. I wish all of you the very best and do plan to check this site out and see how everyone's birth stories go.


Mrs.Steve - October 12

Wow, I cannot even tell you how impressed I am that you're back so soon! That's an amazingly speedy discharge. I'm so glad that you made it through and you have your beautiful boy with you. I can only imagine how amazed you must feel. Congratulations and enjoy your little boy!


KiyanisMummy - October 12

aww Congratulations! glad u and ur gorjus LO made it through ok! No kidding about u being out so quick! glad 2 hear ur home safe and that u and DH are settling so well with your little boy. Enjoy your first few moments with your son because you cant get those back! Congrats again!! take care


Terio - October 12

I'm so glad you let us know how things went - I was hoping to see your post when I logged on. I bet little Derek is adorable. Good to hear everything went well! Congratulations on your new little addition. Hope you'll start posting in the Infant Forum when he's waking you up every two hours, HA! ~~ Again, congrats. :-)


kim00 - October 12

Congrats!!!!! I'm glad everything and went well. Best of luck to you and your family, come join us in the infant section!! We'd love to see pics of your big little man.


WP - October 12

I'm so happy for you that it all went well! Congrats, docbytch. After everything you've been through, you deserved a happy ending. Whew - a 10 pounder too! A very healthy baby boy. Glad to have met you, in any capacity, and best of luck in the future. It does my heart good to know that there's another version of 'docbytch' on this planet now :)


wantanotheraftertr - October 12

Doc Congrats! I am so afraid of having a big baby! I am 30 weeks and my son is weighing 3lb 11oz already so I keep joking I am having a toddler. Enjoy you lo he sounds perfect!


chickiepoo9 - October 12

Congrats on you BIG healty baby boy and your good health enjoy being a mommy!


mrssolo - October 12

OMG a 10 pounder.... No wonder you were wanting him out, lol. Congrats on little Derek. That's wonderful you could get up and out so quick. I heard one of the secrets to a good fast recovery is to get up asap. I'm soooo happy for you. Bast of luck and enjoy your little (big) guy.


Pearl - October 12

That brought a little tear to my eye. Congratulations! I remember how scared I was with my first c-section. It was not fun! This one will be entering the world on Oct. 24th via (my 3rd) c-section. Reading your story makes me even more excited!


DaBonkElsMe - October 12

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So glad you are home and that your little one is healthy.


sahm2alaj - October 12

I had been looking around the last few days to see how everything went for you and i am so glad it went so well!!! Congrats!


sahmof3 - October 12

Congratulations and welcome to the world, baby Derek! Thank goodness he was a c-section. My youngest was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4"... there was no way. My oldest had been over 9 lbs. and I couldn't get him out on my own, so over 10 was NOT going to happen lol.


Buffi R. - October 12

Congratulations!! You give me hope that if I have a scheduled c-section too it won't be so bad. I'm 34 years old with type 1 diabetes, so I'm looking at an induction around 38 weeks if I make it that far. With my first being a preemie (4-1/2 lbs) he sort of "slid right out" so I'm scared to push this one out if I go to 38 weeks. I'm secretly hoping for a scheduled c-section so I'm not in labor forever just to end up with a c-section anyway. :-) So glad to hear everything went well!!


tryin44 - October 12

Congratulations!!!!! Aren't the big babies so cute and smushy though. My first son was 10lbs 2 oz and he was like a teddy bear. I hope you heal well. I go in Tues the 16th of Oct to be induced. I will be 38.3 weeks. If Mazzy is anything like her big sis in duced the same time she will be a 9lber.


Erins Mom - October 12

Congrats! So glad it all went well for you! What a big boy!


jennifer_33106 - October 12

OH I AM SO THRILLED!! He sounds beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so glad everything went well!!!



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