The Baby S Heart Rate Dropped

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fallen_angel4155 - March 1

I went to the docters today at 11 and went to get my strep test done. when the docter checked the babies heart beat it dropped for a while and went back up. he was concerned and sent me to goodsam where i am to delive and had to be put on a moniter for a long time. the baby didn't like the pressure of the moniters and kept moving about out of the way and the heart rate would look like it was fine till the baby moved then when the moniters picked the heart beat up they weren't sure if it was mine or the baby's. so the sent me downstairs to get a U/S done. they were thinking about inducing me today but decided against it cause i was only dialated to a 1 so i am going to be induced on the 13 like he origionally scedueled this morning. I really hope everything turns out ok. I am so scared cause i have already lost my first child at 7-71/2 month pregnant and had complications with my dd and i have been ill almost the whole time with this little girl.


mary b - March 1

I'm hope that everything will be ok for you and your partner. I would push your doc to induce you, do they know about the baby you lost? That should be a clear indicator that you need extra attention during this pregnancy..doesn't induction mean that it dilates you to give birth? The 13th is long way off...when are u due?


fallen_angel4155 - March 1

yeah they know about my pregnancy history, my first due date was march first which is today and when i was 18 weeks the pushed it to march 19. but i have been begging my doc to induce my since i was 34 weeks and he promissed to enduce me on my 39th week and scedueled it this morning before he sent me to the hospital. they told me that they were worried to induce me today cause i was only dialated to a 1 and they said that could mean a long labor and posible c section. i go back to the docters again on thursday next week. to be checked. i think my dr is trying to keep the baby in there for as long as possible cause this is the longest i have been pregnant and the first time ever that i have been full term


AshleyandAverysmom - March 1

are you against a c-section,,cause if not try to push it for earlier. When they did the ultrasound, do they check the size of your babies lungs? Were they mature enough? If so, maybe push your appointment up to Monday or Tuesday!


fallen_angel4155 - March 1

yeah they checked the lungs the baby was breathing inside of me. it was so cute. But I am kinda scared to get a c-section cause i have never been cut open before. do you think the dr will listen to me if i ask them to push it up sooner?if so what would i even begin to say to convince him too?


Danielle19 - March 3

if you want to be induced earlier, especially because of your last pregnancy then your doctor should do it, and if he won't i would be finding a new doctor



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