The Big Countdown

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louise_J - June 15

Hi Ladies, i'm looking for some people to count down with until the birth of our little ones!! Im going crazy as i'm sure you all are so i thought it'd be nice to go crazy together!! I live in England, this is our first baby, a little girl due on 23rd June, thats 8 days!! although i'm hoping she shows a little early! Last week i was 2cm dilated, not sure about effacement, my midwife just said my cervix was in 'the right place for labour' her head was 3/5 engaged last week, i had a scan yesterday and her head was not visible at all, so all good signs...........i want my baby now!!!!!!!


Nita_ - June 15

Louise_j - i'm due june 26th and had just posted on the 'june mommies' thread saying I can't believe there aren't any more june mommies! lol! And here's your post!


JessDT - June 15

hi! the countdown is on!! I'm due june 28 and i can't wait!! not that much longer now, i've been doing as much walking as possible hoping it speeds things along, we'll see. aside from having my son with me, i can't wait till i can get on and off the couch without ease!! i can barly move these days. hows everyone else doing?


mia - June 16

Hi louise Nita and JessDT.Louise i live in England too.I already have one child a boy of 7,I'm due this Sunday 18th.Unlike you i do not know whether i am dilated or effaced and i only had 1 scan at 20 wk ,i do not see my midwife now till 4 days after my due date. I have been hanging around the june mommies thread now for quite a while,posting every now and again,I have seen lots of June mommies come and go and like Nita was wondering if i was the last one left.I want my baby now too,although i'm as nervous as hell.Lets all keep each other updated.Good luck ladies.


louise_J - June 16

Nice to hear from you ladies! another night of no activity!! i don'y know why but i presume something will happen at night, so everythime i wake up i'm like 'oh!! another day!! my due date is a week today though!! yey!! Jess i know what you mean about not being able to move, i have awful pain eveytime i move that feels like i'm ripping my pelvis apart! This baby was planned for us and it seems so clear i can remember our '2 week wait' when we were waiting to find out if i was pregnant or not........seems so surreal that now its nearly over! although it doesn't feel that way!


louise_J - June 16

Just me again..................How are/have you ladies been doing with braxton hicks contractions? i don't think i've felt any at all throughout my whole pregnancy, the only thing i've had lately is back ache and slight period cramping, are these it? Everytime i read something everyone seems to be having regular contractions everyday now and i have nothing?


yourtrish - June 16

Ooooh...I"m so excited to get to this point! I'm only 28-29 I've got a long way off, but I just couldn't pa__s up this posting, I'm soooo excited for all of your ladies! I can imagine how nerve-wracking it will be to just sit around waiting, time must be pa__sing by sooo slowly. One thing that I can recommend, is start up a journal if you haven't already! My mom pa__sed away when I was younger and unfortunately, she didn't leave any journals behind, but what I wouln't pay to be able to hear from her with her stories about birth and labour and waiting!!!It's really one of the most important and significant times in your life, so take note! And one day, your daughters/sons will be very happy to know what you went through to bring them into this world (most likely AFTER teenagehood:). Anyways, good luck again and I'll check in soon to see who's met their little angel :) Lots of love!


MelG - June 16

Louise_j, I'm also due on the 23rd so I'm in the same boat as you! Every one of my sister's went a week early from their due date and I'm anxiously wondering if I'll be the same. I've been having increased Braxton Hicks, but only sporadically. Today after my internal exam I really started feeling bad and even laying down wouldn't help. I thought it might be it, but now, I'm feeling fine again. I have dilated, but only to 1 cm which my doctor says could progress or could go for some time. Either way, good luck to you. The waiting game is so hard.


JessDT - June 16

louise_J - i've been having BH contractions, but they're not at all regular, they are just there. i've been feeling them for what seems like forever and it doesn't seem to be leading to anything. oh well. yourtrish - that is one thing that i really wish i had been doing throughout this pregnancy, (it's my first). at the beginning, i didn't think it would be that important to keep a journal, but now that i'm at the end of this pregnancy i really regret not doing one. being able to look back at what i was feeling, the changes my body has taken on. but i am doing a sc___pbook which i am having a lot of fun with. pictures and little comments of how i'm feeling these last few days (at least i hope days). i am very ready to have my little baby boy with me now and i can't wait.


Danielle19 - June 16

Hey guys im due june 27th can't wait, im hoping something happens like today but everyone on my mothers she has 5 sisters has gone late with there babies except 1 cousin who had c section so probley not going early but i have gestational diabetes so if hes not here on tuesday they have to induce me but id rather go on my own so things better so happening, i was at a non stress test the other day and they said i was having a contraction but i couldn't feel it just a real slight back ache, also ive only had like 10 braxton hcks contractions this whole pregnancy, good luck guys let me whats happening with everyone


Nesha - June 16

Oh My ... WOW welll congrat im due in the 23 also and its my first.. We are having a little boy Tyson. I know how you are feeling and im at 1cm. I also want my baby now and with the heat its no fun at all...i pray everyday that maybe today is the day that ill be able to see him. I went to the doc. few days ago and he told me well if you dont have him by your due date we wait one week later and that didnt feel too good to hear...Good Luck i hope for you you get her early... keep us noticed


Nita_ - June 16

Hi Ladies, I didn't realize we have so many due around the end of this month. I feel happy I'm not all alone! :) Talking about a journal, I don't have a specific journal per say..but at my first appt, the dr's office gave us a bundle of stuff to read etc and in it was a month by month calender with spaces to write in, we hung it in our bedroom and have filled it. At first it was both me & my hubby, now its basically me! I bugged him the other day and he wrote a few lines in. LOL! including that I bugged him. hehe. I think its going to be really fun reading it to my little bundle of joy or as you said they reading it later on. I missed writing every now and then and I felt, oh no...weeks have gone by and I haven't written. It's really fun! I plan to start one once the baby is born too, in fact got another calendar from the pediatricians it's hanging in the baby's nursery! Sc___p booking sounds like fun too, but I dont know how creative i'm! lol. braxton hicks, i'm not quite sure if I get them or not...i do have occasional cramp kinda pains and sometimes its painful to walk around..dont know if they are those or not. This is our first, so everything is new and don't know what i'm experiencing. It's great reading all your posts!! Good luck and who knows maybe one of you will go into labor this weekend! wouldn't it be nice for all you ladies who've had enough! I haven't reached that stage yet...maybe will change my mind in acouple of days! LOL


miraclebaby - June 16

hi ladies, I am actually a july mom, but am being induced on Thurs. 22, I am so excited reality is sinking in now. Louise, sounds like your really close. I had a sono yesterday and they saw and measured the head, I am endusing brings it down, because mine was still visible. Sounds like your on track.


ashley - June 16

Hi ladies. I am a july mom too. Still got a few weeks, but I like to see every one's signs and progress while I am waiting so hope you don't mind if I wait with you.. Ofcourse I'll be a little behind, lol..... Though some days I wonder. I have been cramping quite a little bit today. Wonder what thats all about. It feels like menstral cramps, but no BH contractions or anything really....... well the usual ones, nothing on a frequent basis. Any body else getting menstral type cramps? WEll good luck. Im anxious to read every one's progress, etc.


Lorikap - June 16 you all are! Can I countdown too? I am due June 29 with my first. As of Wed. I was 2 cm and 60% effaced, so I'm really hoping to go a little early. I have been obssessive lately about checking this web site. It makes me feel so much better when I hear you girls talking about the same stuff I'm going through. Like, for instance, I don't really feel that many braxton hicks and it sounds like a couple of you don't really feel them much either. Good to know! Does anyone else feel tons of pressure down there when you get up in the middle of the night to pee? Or how about the random sharp pains...I hope that this is my cervix working on effacing. I would love to keep up with you girls on all your progress!


miraclebaby - June 16

I feel pressure down there and sometimes in my rectum does anyone else feel it in the rectum or is it me lol , lol I meant to type the word hope instead of am in my last message, sometimes i swear I type it write and read it after and say "WHAT DID I DO" lol lol maybe its a pregnancy thing!!


ashley - June 16

I get the pain in the v____a/cervix and rectum, so no you are not the only one! I sure hope it means my body is getting ready. Granted I still have 2.5 weeks before I am 37 weeks and safe to go, but I sure hope I am making progress. So I have 2.5-5.5 weeks, sighhhh I sure hope I don't go all the way to 40 weeks! This is my second so maybe I will luck out. I am having TONS of menstral type cramps tonight... they have seemed to subsided quite a bit now, but man for two hours early they were very uncomfortable. I go to the doc next thursday and they said they would check me... so i'll see if I am doing any thing.



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