The Dark Line From Your Belly Button Down

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Kim - February 10

I am 38 weeks and this is my third pregnancy...hate to break your hearts but that brown line does not indicate a first two pregnancies I carried boys and had that line all the way from my b___st bone to my pubic bone...I do not know what I'm carrying now but I have that line again. This line is called Linea Nigrea it is cause by hormonal changes and the stretching of your not worry it does go away after pregnancy! :)


rete - February 16

Im 15 year old female not pregnant and I have that scared im pregnant huh....dammit


Sara - March 3

I am 27 weeks and don't have it yet, usually around when do you get it? For some reason I thought I had it the whole time w/ my son.


annonymous - March 18

i have that line and i dont think im pregnant do you only get that when you are pregnant? please email me and tell me i really need to know. [email protected] thanx


Rebekah - August 2

i would think that it is normal, but i've never heard of it before. i'm 18 weeks pregnant and i only have the line at the bottom of my belly.


sera - August 2

i have it from the belly b___ton down and im having a girl


puddin - August 6

i got line going up to my b___st do that mean am and if i am i sould be 4 week is that normal


nancy - November 1

Hey! I had a big baby boy and a dark line all the way up and down!!!!!!!! Its been 4 weeks and that line is still dark as ever! When the heck is it going to go away. Its so unsightly. I feel gross. lol Well I did not get any stretch marks. That's good but just know if you have the line dont expect it to be gone before that long awaited 6 weeks that you can finally have s_x with your hubby! Just wear a one piece crothless lingerie piece i guess and hope he doesnt stare at that equator line on your abs! lol


Breanna - November 27

i have the line also and im having a girl... my mother told me its called a "Mothers Line".. she said its ABSOULTLEY Normal In Pregnancies


Sita - November 28

My line goes from my belly b___ton down wards. My mid wife told me its surface pigmentation due to hormonal changes. Ive also got funny blotchy patches on my cheeks... same thing. Btw.. Im having a boy.


Ean - January 1

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have Linea Nigrea. The line does not indicate that it is a Boy or that it is a Girl. I have been confirmed by 2 ultrasounds that i am having a girl. so dont believe the myths, its simple Old Wives Tales


terri - January 1

i think that L meant she didnt have it this time and she was not told that where she doesnt have it that it must be a sorry. but i also noticed that with my son i had it but not this time and dont know what i am having.


anita - January 1

you can have the line even when you're not pregnant. i've always had a faint line from my naval down. now that i'm preggy, it's gotten much darker and thicker and it stretches from my pubic bone all the way up to my b___st bone. i was told that everyone has it, but it just becomes more visable during pregnancy.


Mary - January 1

I am having a girl and I have it. I have it below AND above my belly b___ton. They don't indicate whatsoever what gender you are having. It will go away don't worry. :o)


Samantha - January 1

I havethis line, and Im having a girl =)


givingthanx - February 26

I have read on the Internet, having a linea nigra when you're not pregnant can be a__sociated with adrenal insufficiency.



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