The Dark Line From Your Belly Button Down

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givingthanx - February 26

I have read on the Internet, having a linea nigra when you're not pregnant can be a__sociated with adrenal insufficiency.


mira - February 27

Im 31w3d and ive had it for a few weeks now. It runs from my belly b___ton down and also up, half way to my b___stbone. Im having a girl.


lilredbarbie - June 4

There is an old wives' tale a__sociated with linea nigra: if the linea nigra runs to the navel, it's a girl, and if it goes all the way up to the xiphoid, it's a boy. go to google and search linea nigra and click on the answers website. This is so true, i'm having a girl and my line goes from my belly b___ton down, but sometimes i'll get a very faint line that goes about 2 inches higher than my belly b___ton. so who knows?!


Shannon - June 5

with my first baby i had a girl and a pretty dark linea nigra and it went from my pubic bone all the way to a little bit above my belly b___ton. and it took AGES to go away. months and months, i forget how many. i'm having another girl this time too and i'm 29 weeks along and it's still pretty light, there but light. i have no idea why it's different this time around so far...


elishevah - June 5

Its completely normal & incredibly common among people with darker or olive skin tones (this doesn't mean that fair skinned people don't get it). I got a light brown line from the navel down to the pubic hairline with my 1st pregnancy- a girl. I am currenlty 37.5 weeks pregnant with a boy & no sign of the dark line this time. Anyone else had it vary from pregancy to pregnancy?


grayharp - August 7

This is a really old thread, but if anyone stumbles upon this, I am having a girl and have a line on my stomach. There are so many myths out there about the s_x of the baby. None of them are true. They are merely coincidences.


bibik - October 14

This line is quite normal during pregnancy.



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