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wv_red - May 8

Ladies Hi I know this really doesn't pretain to pregnancy but it is a topic I really need your opinions on. We have a big dog he is lab/dane and maybe pit. He is a jealous animal and was extremely nervous like a ticking time bomb. We recently spent a grand on him for classes to help him out. Now these have helped him but since he has been home he has fallen back into the same c__p. He is jealous of me getting close to dh and he whines alot! My thing is I do not trust him when the baby gets here cause he tends to nip at children. How is he going to act when dh is holding the baby or the baby is on the floor playing. My husband loves this dog and I feel bad about this and no matter what he takes the dogs side. Today when I walked him he went after a smaller dog, I smacked him, not too hard, to advert his attention and he bit me on the hand. I told dh tghis and it was my fault he bit me. What am I suppose to do ladies? I don't want anything to happen to my baby but he seems to think the dog wont do anything to her. Do i take that risk? What would you do?? Thank you and sorry its so long. Oh the dog is going on 2 and we have had him since he was 6 mths old.


sarah21 - May 8

Dogs are very unpredictable. I would say give your dog a chance but watch him constantly. The first time he shows aggression of any kind I would make it an outdoor dog or put up baby gates that blocks the dog off from where your baby is. It will make the dog unhappy and hopefully will make your DH a bit more sympathetic and see that the dog just isn't right for your family.


Patience2008 - May 8

Only you and your DH can decide this because I know animals are family members to some people but I would try to convice your Dh to adopt him to someone else. As much as he loves the dog your baby needs to come first and there will not be a second chance if the dog goes after your baby. My sis just had to make that same decision with their dog, they were very upset but shes glad for it now.


Rachel29 - May 8

Geeze that's a tough one, but obviously your baby has to come first. I just hope that your husband will realize that. Maybe you can say something like "you know, babies can't even hold their heads up when they are born" to kind of give him a reality check and let him know the baby won't have any defense against a dog.. Anyway, what we're doing with our dog is having him stay with the in laws for awhile until we kind of get things settled with the baby. He's kind of big, (sheepdog), and I really love him, but like you it makes me nervous to have him around a newborn. Maybe you can have your dog stay with friends or relatives? Anyway, I'm sure your husband will realize that the baby has to come first when he actually meets the baby. Keep us updated on what's going on!


gabby509 - May 8

WV, I am in a similar situation. We actually have 3 dogs, a pit mix, a pit and a rottweiler. I know the pit and pit mix will be fine with the baby but the rottweiler I am not so sure of. He is unaware of his ma__sive size, and knocks everything over in his path. I know for many people the decision is easy to let their family pet go to another home, but in my case, these dogs have been my children for 3 years now. I agree with Sarah though that dogs are sometimes unpredictable, but if you keep your eye on him constantly and are willing to take the time to let baby and dog get to know each other, hopefully things will work out. I also agree that your baby is the most important thing and if her safety is in jeopardy, you may have to convince dh to find him a suitable home, maybe without children.


Teddyfinch - May 9

sarah: unfortunately, the baby gates won't hold back a dog that size. it's pretty much an outdoor sentence for the dog. and the bad thing about pits is even if they're raised right, they can turn. they're bred to be insane. **wv_red** it wasn't your fault he bit you. you are supposed to be able to punish a dog without retaliation and your husband's thick headed like mine about it. i had a pit that would bite and not let go of my arm and even though she wasn't being agressive, she still got smacked across the head pretty hard when she wouldn't let go, and that pit in him is so dangerous. you might try playing baby sounds to see how the dog reacts because he may flip once the baby comes home and cries for no reason. and wear baby lotion so he gets used to the smell. but no pet should come before your child and i guarantee your husband will pick that dog up by the tail and throw him out with the garbage if he does anything to your baby. he just shouldn't take the chance, in my opinion. **gabby** the amount of time you've had a pet really means nothing. which do you choose? a child you've made or a pet you got a few years back? i have a cat i've had for 8 years and if he started attacking my child, well, i love him and all, but pets are replaceable. and even though most of what a dog can do can be surgically fixed, is it really worth it? would you keep your dog of a whole great big 3 years if he bit your child?


javidsgirl - May 9

wv_red i would becareful in making your decision remember your dd is non replaceable and that dog IS I completely agree with you teddyfinch . i had a dog for 8 yrs prior to the birth of my dd i tried many things to get him to adapt to a baby coming well it didnt work he tried to nip her when i was holding once that night he was gone i sent him to farm even though i loved him nothing i mean nothing means more then my own flesh and blood my dd is my life and is and always will be my priority as i am sure your child will be to


mommaminchey - May 9

WV_red- I feel your pain. I am in the same situation. My husband and I move din with my Mom after my father pa__sed and after we found out I was pregnant. I have 2 cats that are almost 2yrs old and my Mom has a cat that is 19yrs old.... They fight alot but over time they have I guessed worked it out... BUt she also has 2 outside dogs. One is 11yrs old and the other is about 4yrs old. He is a lab/chow/huskie mix. He is the sweetest dog ever but rescently ( and even last night) when I let my cat outside, he attacked her. He chased her all over the yard and even into the pool house. I have never seen him act like this and he doesn't with the older cat of my Moms. It really scared my Mom because normally he minds and even with us spanking him as he chased the him and the cat he still wouldn't stop. If he does ANYTHING to my child or even acts funny we will ahve to have him put down... Which kills me inside but I can't risk my sons life. I am very much an animal lover but when it comes to animals who feel liek family and real familiy there is no question in my mind.


wv_red - May 9

Thank you ladies for all your input. This is defiantly not an easy subject. He is going to be boarded at the kennel that did his training for a week so the baby has time to establish her territory as the trainers put it. It is something that is going to bother me until she does get here and we do see how he reacts. But one wrong move and I am sorry but I love animals but he will go. Who knows maybe he will shock me and be just fine. Thanks ladies.


AmandaMoo - May 9

My husband felt the same way about our dogs and cat. I love our animals, but my child comes first. AND it only takes that one time to do some serious damage. I've seen what can happen and I wasnt going to allow the chance at all. My dogs are outside now and they are completely content with that now. It tooks some adjustment but now they love it. I plan to introduce the baby to them by first giving them something with his smell on it. Then I will see how they react when I hold him outside with them. They will NEVER come back in, but I want them to be used to the baby being around period. As for the cat, my best friend took him as a first pet for her 3 year old little girl. He loves children but not babies. He was very jealous and loved milk. I was just too afraid of what he might do because he liked to retaliate. I explained to my husband my feelings by giving him a scenario of what could happen and how we would feel if anything bad really did happen to our child. I think if you have animals that love kids, then by all means keep them around. BUT if YOU dont trust them with yourself, dont take the risk of trusting them with your child. Better safe than sorry is my philosophy. Again... this is just my 2 cents. Good luck in your decision. I hope yall find a common ground that works for everyone involved.


CgGirl - May 9

wv_red: you already know that I Have several cats, and obviously, they are easier to handle than a big dog like yours. I watch the Dog whisperer all the time (even though I don't have dogs - weird, I know!) and one thing that I decided to actually apply with my cats is to try to let them smell everything before hand. For example, when we were a__sembling the crib, the stroller, etc, I did let the cats smell and sit in them. I'm trying to get the cats used to that and to not a__sociate these things with the baby, just so there is less changes all at once. The other thing I will going to try is to also let the cats smell the baby when she first comes to the house; i.e. not to take the baby away from them right away, as this may be a sign for them to trigger their jealousy (as cats can also be very jealous). Anyway, I know that all of these things are easier said than done...


CgGirl - May 9

I forgot: I agree with Teddyfinch: I'm quite sure your husband will have a very protective att_tude towards your baby. These l/o's tend to change everyone's perspective!


Teddyfinch - May 10

wv_red: i also suggest that when you do introduce the dog to the new little boss, keep him at the end of a leash with your husband holding or have him tied to something that won't move because dogs can be so surprising and simply lunge at the child and if he has someone holding him or he's tied to something, then you're safe, the baby's safe, and you won't want to kill him right there on the spot. i mean i know i say that like it's a joke, but if my cat (the 8 year old one) attacked my baby, it would be on for young and old and he had better hope i don't catch him lol. back to the point, though. my aunt had a dog (one that looked like lady from lady and the tramp) and my little sister tried to hug my uncle and the dog jumped at her and luckily she had good enough reflexes (at like 2 years old) that she moved back and he only scratched her nose. well my aunt grabbed the dog by the snout and we watched the most hilarious nose smacking for about 5 minutes and after that, the dog had a new respect for my little sister. i wish that could work for your hubby's dog, but he already believes that he's an alpha male over you which is why he bit you when you punished him. my father taught me to roll his male dog over on his back (a form of submission) when i yelled at him and now the dog listens, but being your hubby has a big dog, none of that really works. gah! so frustrating! you might bring up some "what ifs" to your hubby and see what he thinks, because kids are not known for their gentle touch with animals.


gabby509 - May 10

Teddyfinch I was in no way suggesting for her to put her child in danger of being bit. Some people are quick to just get rid of their pets, and in my opinion that's not right. My child will come first, and will always come first. What I was saying is that it's a shame to just give up without every possible training and every possible method available. I didn't say I would choose my dog over my child. And also I think there are two types of pet owners, ones that see their pets as pets and ones that see their pets as family members. I see my pets as family members and I would not be willing to just give up on them so easily. Oh and about the whole pitbulls turn on their owners thing, that is absolutely not true. I was raised with pitbulls all my life and with the proper training and owner they can be the best, most loyal dogs in the world. And my baby gates hold my 3 big dogs in the kitchen with no problem. Look I'm not trying to argue with anyone here, I just obviously have different opinions than you and that is fine. I just don't want it to be looked at as that I was telling her in any way to choose her dog over her child. I just think that there are alternatives to just getting rid of your pet, there are way too many homeless dogs out there, and when I took the commitment to care for my animals I took it on for the extent of the dogs life. Everyone does not have to share my views, I was just simply trying to help WV.


gabby509 - May 10

WV, I was also not suggesting that you the type to just get rid of your pet, I didn't mean it to sound like that.


wv_red - May 10

Gabby I appreciate your input. I dont want to get rid of him if we dont have to. Thats is why we spent the money to get him obediance cla__ses. He was in this cla__s for 4 wks without being home. But since he has been home he has fallen back into the same c___p he use to do. I like the idea of the leash when he does finally come back from being boarded when she is born. I grew up with dogs and I have never had to be put in a spot like this. Dh took the dog back to the kennel this morning as a remedial cla__s so hopefully that will kick some sense back into the b___thead, lol. He is crate trained but its not really fair to him to be stuck in there or outside the whole time so if he doesnt get along with the baby he will have a new home. We have 2 wks before my dd and this is the part I am most worried about. Thank you i really like hearing all of the input it is defiantly helping me out with talking to dh about this.


wv_red - May 10

oh I didnt take your post in any way as getting rid of him :-) sorry a lil slow on that one



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