The Hair Down There

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ChrisR - August 14

Is anyone with me on this.... I am usually well "groomed" down there .... keep the hair trimmed very short up top and completely shaved around the openings.. ya know??? but now with this 33 week belly in the way... I cannot see down there!!!! I tried using a mirror... I cut myself like 3 times!!! Any suggestions... I cannot stand the hairy mess!!!!


heartburn m - August 14

LOL !! I know!! it just keeps growing, doesn't it? I can't believe how long those hairs can actually get. Must be the hormones. It's very hard to keep it 'groomed' at this time. Right now, I'm just not going to worry about it anymore but shortly before my due date I'll try to trim it in front of a mirror, or have my husband do it for me.


S. - August 14

yes! I have a suggestion! get one of those personal groomer $10 electric razors. cant really cut yourself with them, and use it with a mirror. They sell them in linens n things (the store) and other places as well. I think its called Personal Touch, its designed for eyebrows, facial or bikini hair.


b20 - August 14

i would suggest that u use hair removal cream rather than razors coz they brings hair again the next day and will be very thick which will hurt alot..try to buy one which is specially for sensitive of luck


C - August 15

Hmm...I cut the longest of them, feeling the length of them in my fingers in front of a mirror before cutting. That done, I carefully sud myself and shave-- feeling as I go along rather than looking. For the finish, I ask my partner to do the honors :). It's fun!


** - August 15

I was just complaining about the same thing this weekend. I am 35 weeks and have had enough. Plus I keep worrying about how messy it will be down there after birth and I don't want all that hair there. I don't know if everyone trusts themselves to do this but I just put tons of shaving cream on and shaved really slow and it seemed to do the trick with no cuts!!


:) - August 15

I have the same problem getting to it too! After trying everything i could think of and being unable to see i grabbed my razor and sat down on the toilet. while sitting on the toilet i could easily get to the openings just by feeling around. Then i kind of moved my belly to get to the rest, i didnt get to see very much at all but i got the job done without cutting myself. And now a day later, no hair i feel great! No red bumbs or anything.I hate that hair down there!


Beth - August 15

I asked my fiance to "trim" down there for me and after about 5 minutes he gave up and went to town and I ended up balled and cut like twice, haa haa. I told him "well that will keep for awhile hopefully I can do the touch up myself before the baby!"


Mary - August 15

An alternative to shaving, as most of you know, is waxing. I asked my doctor and it is safe to do, that is how I get groomed down there. I only have to do it once every 5 weeks.


ChrissyR - August 15

Good suggestions.. thanks gals! Mary..... this might saound like a stupid question but... how exactly do you wax down there???? Isn't the skin too sensitive.. like around the lips and stuff??? *blush*


b20 - August 15

To chrissy....i was able to wax untill 30 weeks of pregnancy,but now it's depends how far u are in ur pregnancy to be able to do so...yes the wax is magic coz i didn't use to get the hair back for six months,but now that area is very sensitive so i have no other way than using hair me the next thing to wax is "hair removal cream" coz if u use razors they will bring the hair back soon and they will be so thick and sharp that u might have to do it again and again until u become a male..i wish u guys take my of luck


ekay - August 15

I tried waxing myself and I got the wax all on there and went to hurt so bad, I couldn't continue. So I sat there for a while trying to figure out how to get this wax off me without pulling it off. That was grand. I might give it another go today.


sj - August 15

I getting ready to trim up again, hopefully this will be the last time before the baby comes. I use Nair 4 minute lotion. I put it everywhere down there except for the very top. I can't see to keep that trim either so I usually just pull up the hair and cut until everything seems short and even. Dipilatories (sp) like Nair can be cause irritation in some women but there are lotions out there for sensitive skin. It works great because your just put it on for a few minutes and wipe all the hair away with a warm washcloth.


L - August 15

So you like use the Nair stuff ALL over down there? Like near openings & stuff like that? And it doesn't burn & stuff? And it really works? I had a friend use it once & tell me it burned like holy hell & she'd never do it again. My husband asked me why I didn;t use it & I told him that reason. I used Nair on my legs and it didn't do any good but that was like 15 years ago when it first came out.. maybe it has improved?


b20 - August 15

i recommend "LAVENDER AND MARINE EXTRACT SPA GEL HAIR REMOVAL" IT'S SALLY HANSEN PRODUCT with icy cool doesn't burns at all "trust me"...i won't recommend "veet or nair " to any one..try this i'm sure it will of luck


The Nair girl - August 15

Yes, I use it everywhere down there, around openings and all. I probably wouldn't recommend Nair to you unless you are used to it because it can cause irratation. I've been using it for 10 years, so I'm used to it. It works great for me. Like b20 suggested there are great hair removal products out there for sensitive skin that don't burn at all. You can go completely baldy if you want and it's simple and painless. Definately easier than trying to shave or wax OUCH!


Nick - August 15

I wax, but I would not recommend doing it if you didn't before you were pregnant. It takes practice and it is hard to pracice when you can't see the area. I would get it done at a salon.



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