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livdea - April 18

Okay...we've moved, here we are ladies! Anyone due mid july is welcome to join! Hope we all make it over here soon! YAY!


livdea - April 18

THE JULY MUMMIES ARE HERE AND READY TO FACE ALL THE UNCERTAINTY OF LABOUR AND LEAKING BOOBIES AND PANTY LINERS!" hahahahahahahahahahaha...okay I had to post the whole thing so we can all laugh...or at least I can laugh...cause for some reason I can't stop when I read that!


Catherine - April 19

Yeah Livdea. I'm moving over in a couple of days. Great to see you have started it. No need to be scared, we will all stick together.


Catherine - April 19

I had my appointment the other day. Don't quite know what doctor means that I'm 27 weeks, but uterus is measuring 31 weeks. Uterus high? Baby measuring big? Going to have baby earlier than expected? My doctor said he will measure me in a few weeks and if I'm still measuring big, he's going to use ultrasound and estimate the size and weight of the baby.


letgo0527 - April 19

YAY!! I July post!! I am so excited for this baby!! I can't wait to get him out!! Im due July 7! Welcome July mommies!!


CJ - April 19

Wow, are we here already?! It's so exciting, even the leaking b___bies!! My little boy is nearly 14 months old and I can't wait for him to meet his baby brother - do you think he'll know / understand in 3 months time? Are there any other 2nd time moms out there with such a small gap (17months)? Any advice as to how to make it easier on older baby? The rest of the 3 trimester stuff doesn't scare me ('cos I've very recently been there and done that and coped fine) but the sibling introductions and so on do scare me... how do I prepare him for this?


K8 - April 19

Wow...i made it to the other side and its not so scary after all.... so far so good. i am so excited about meeting my baby too, every day i sneak into the nursery and pretend my baby is sleeping in there, i even talk to her. i told my sister i do that and she laughed so hard she nearly wet her pants but then gave me the name of her phsychiatrist. i started to feel some little practice contractions the last few days when i do my evening walk, very strange. Does anyone know if exercising can bring them on?


Shae-lynn - April 19

Hi girls - I'm not quite ready to post here but I'll be sure to join you soon! I'll be 27 weeks this Sat. K8 - I just wanted to say that have been getting Braxton Hicks while walking for a long time now. Probably since about 20 weeks. I've actually stopped walking since they get so bad and really bother me. Doc. said it's nothing to worry about. Have you mentioned it to your doc and what do they say?


livdea - April 19

well girlies, we made it. I still don't know what I think but I'm adjusting! K8 the contractions are pretty normal. I get them when I'm at the gym all the time and after my work out I'll contract for a while. Its okay and normal, at least according to my dr. Can you believe...3 months? Time is flying by! I can't believe it!


LL - April 19

The July mommy’s rock! I can't join you all yet, I have about 2 more weeks to go until I'm 28 weeks. The third trimester board is a little scary to me as well but I like reading what everyone is going through so I know what to expect. Good luck to you all!!! Good t_tle livdea.


Victoria_1985 - April 19

Hey ladies, I've been out of the loop for awhile. I got really sick with a cold and infection was sent to bed for a couple of days...but I'm feeling better now. I started my 3-trimester on sunday.....getting so excited and soo nervous at the same time. Since I've been sick the baby hasn't been moving much, so I'm hoping now that I feel better she'll start moving more again. My mom suggested I start to pack my hospital bag "just incase" anyone who has had a baby before, can you suggest stuff that a first timer might not think of? Scary to think about packing that bag....but better to be safe then sorry!! Hope everyones doing good and enoying the last months with their little ones still tucked safely in their bellys!!!


Laurabb4 - April 19

Things not to forget. Hair scrunchie if you have long hair. Chapstick, lotion. Everything on the lists you have seen.


Roary - April 19

Congratulations to everyone for making it into the final stretch. Now we switch from worries of pregnancies to worries of birth and motherhood. I can hardly believe how fast this experience has flown by. I am almost 29 weeks. My doctor gave me a range of due dates because I didn't get an early ultrasound and wasn't certain about my LMP. I am due between July 6th and 8th (but it really could be a little earlier). The baby measures in the 95th to 100th percentile. So maybe my dates are wrong. (shrug)... Speaking of leaking Boobs: A few days ago my dogs were barking up a storm and the baby was fidgeting around inside of me and I suddenly started leaking!!!! CJ: I am sorry I can't help you, this is my first pregnancy. Not to sound weird, but I have been worrying about how all the fluffy members of my family were going to handle a baby. For instance, I have to take apart a sled bed that is one of my cats favorite sleeping spots in order to put a crib in the room. It sounds silly but I feel really guilty about it. Ah well. Any other pet people out there? K8: Practice contractions are very commonly brought on by exercise or intercourse. They are useful in rotating/nudging the baby into position for birth, while preparing our bodies as well. However, they really can be a little unpleasent can't they?... atleast as far as I have experienced...


Lilly - April 19

wow, I am 27 weeks but I didn't realize I belong in the 3rd trimester, until I saw this thread!!! I don't want this to be over, i have loved pregnancy so far, and don't want him to come out yet! ;-) then I will have to share him, right now he is all mine!!!!! I am psycho!! I am so envious of all you ladies with cravings though, I have no appet_te at all and force myself to eat, when before being preg I was into everything!! I haven't felt any BH contractions yet!!! Is that normal! Oh and I am starting a prenatal yoga cla__s soon, so excited about that!!!hmmm, I just measured around my stomach, and I measure 8 toilet paper squares!! How about you guys?? OPh and I just painted the baby room blue, and bought boy stuff, so I pray that they were right with the ultrasound!!!!!


Lilly - April 19

Anyone have names picked out already?


livdea - April 19

Lilly the 3rd tri starts at 28 weeks but one week doesn't make a difference, just so you know for later reference! I haven't had in cravings...but I've gained a TON of weight...great! I'm so not stoaked on that! I do have my girly name picked out but I think I'm saving it until she is born...I figured I want to have some thing be a surprise! Then again...i want to scream it from the roof tops! :) I'm getting excited.


tlew - April 19

HI JULY MOMMIES!! When I saw your post here I had to drop in and say HI! Im due in June, but my birthday is JULY 20 and I am a proud cancer baby. Just want to wish you all good luck and welcome to the last trimester!!!! This is where the real fun begins :)



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