The Longest Early Labor Ever

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jenessa - November 30

This is my second pregnancy and I am currently 36 wks and 5 days. For the past month I have been dilated to 1 1/2cm, but I assume it may be a bit further now. I've been having constant unproductive contractions, which as the days go by get stronger and accompanied by more pain. Now I get throbbing/pulsing pains from my lower spine frequently during the day and sometimes with contractions. They had me in tears yesterday. I can barely stand up from the pressure, as she's been dropping in stages for the past month. I don't think she can get any lower at this point. The pressure is so bad that it feels like I'm bruised and swollen down below. My hips ache when I lay down, which is making it almost impossible to sleep. Also, I ended up in L&D a few weeks ago with regular contractions that they stopped with a shot (can't remember the medication). I dilated early with my first pregnancy, but wasn't in nearly this much pain. I've begged my doctor to induce me, and he said the earliest would be 38 weeks. It doesn't seem I'm getting many answers from him about why I'm in so much pain. I was just wondering if this is a normal thing, to be progressing so slowly, or if anyone else has gone through this?


Happymommy - November 30

Hi there-sorry for your pain. Honestly, it sounds pretty normal to me, at least what I had towards the end of my pregnancies. You really are pretty early to induce, and I have even heard of people having babies induced not ready at 38 weeks--lungs were not completely mature. 37 weeks is technically full-term, but every baby is different, and most of the time babies will come when they are fully ready to enter the world. So, I would just say take it as easy as possible, and it will be over before you know it. I know, easier said than done! But you will be glad when you have a healthy little baby! Best wishes!


Erins Mom - November 30

Yep, I'm in the same boat. I'll be 37 weeks Saturday, dilated to 2 and 75% effaced and having contractions ALL the time, but they never progress anywhere. Hang in there, I know it's tuff.


jenessa - December 3

Thanks for the responses. No one I know has ever gone through this, so I was questioning how normal it is. I have a three year old, so relaxing isn't as easy as I'd like it to be! This experience has left a really bad taste in my mouth and will definitely keep me from getting pregnant again in the near future! At least until I see my baby girl and forget how horrible this whole ordeal was!



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