The Unexpected My Birth Story

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angelbebe - June 1

Well, not all first time moms go over there due dates! My daughter was a day early on May 30th. : ) The birth of my daughter, Paia, was not exactly how I had envisioned it, but it shows that you should always go into labor with an open mind and complete trust that your body knows what to do and what is meant to be will be. I went into labor Monday morning at 10:30 am. I was already between 4-5 cm dialated, 50% effaced. I had been having progressively stronger contractions the days before. I wasn't sure I was in labor since my contractions were still kind of erratic, but called my midwife to my house anyways. For the next 10 hours, I walked around the streets, did some light weight things around the house, until the contractions started to get distracting around 6-7cm. I then sat in a birthing pool with warm water, bounced on a birthing ball, stood under a shower...whatever I needed to do at the time. It was going great!! No meds and I was handling it fine. Transition phase hit around midnight. OUCH! I'll tell ya, they were strong, but manageable. Just needed to focus and move around in different positions frequently. My husband was a great help. After about 2 hours however, I really started to wear out. It seemed at anytime I should be ready to push, but my midwife held off checking me until about 3am...I hadn't gone past 7 cm! AT this point, I got very frustrated because I was ready for the pain to end! I got my strength together and kept going for another 2 hours. Still no progress, and it seemed Paia was not descending. We then made a group decision to go to the hospital on the safe side. Turns out my contractions were not contracting in the lower part of my abdomen and instead were pushing Paia not straight into my cervix. This is very rare and she was also faced up giving me horrible back labor. So after TEN hours of being in transition and no meds, I had no choice due to a very exhausted uterus and state of mind, but to have a c-section. I had the epidural, which only worked on like one side, so I felt part of the surgery. They had her out fast though and she was perfect, no stress, nothing. This sounds like a horrible labor, but I have to say, the homebirth part of it, though I didn't give birth there in the end, was FABULOUS. The personal, calm attention, the familiarity, the ability to move around freely in my own space, having some food or drink if I was hungry, and the TUB, really made the main bearable. I truely believe had this been a "normal" labor, I would have made it through, no drugs, just fine. It really wasn't that bad...but ten hours stuck at 7 cm was not "normal", so we did what we had to do. I am satisfied in the end, because I set out to go natural and I did the best that my body could do. In the end, it wasn't up to me. The safety of my daughter and myself was what mattered. I am thankful at this point for medical intervention despite my really not wanting any. Expect the unexpected. My daughter is so lovely and I am so thrilled to finally have her in my arms. My best wishes to the rest of you still waiting for your little angel babies. : )


Steph - June 1

Awww, congrats to you!! You are some kinda superwoman to go 10 hours with no meds!! Good for you!! :o) Hope all is well with your new family!


lindsay - June 1

I KNEW IT!!! i knew when i didn't see you here for a couple of days that it had finally happened for you!!! congratulations, i am so happy for you!! so glad to hear you and paia (beautiful and unique, by the way) are doing well! thanks for sharing your story, you know i had been looking forward to it, and you are so right about expecting the unexpected... I have an idea of what i would like this labor to be for me, but i will definitely keep an open mind, because after all, bringing a healthy baby into the world is the most important thing, no matter how it happens!! hopefully, you'll be reading my story soon :-) as of monday, no dialation or effacement, although my cervix is nice and soft and i have bee having a ton of contractions today, some as close as 3 and 5 minutes apart for a few hours, but they don't feel any stronger than a regular braxton hicks... how did your first contractions feel?? again, so happy for you and your family, thanks for your help and support through these past few weeks! good luck w/ everything and enjoy your little angel!!! -lindsay


krista-lee - June 1

angelbebe congrats!!! wow looks like you ended up being a may mommie after all! im still here waiting with the other may mommies, well june mommies now! labor sounded great! im glad it was fast and you went unmedicated, how brave!! one quesiton... how do you pronounce Paia?


Been There - June 1

Congratulations! You did great! And you are so right. In the end, it's your health and the health of your child that really matters. At least you were able to experience most of your labor the way you wanted.


Alycia - June 1

Congratulations, angelbebe!! I'm sorry you didn't get the homebirth you wanted, but as you said, you can at least know that your c-section was medically necessary. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to labor at home, and as I'm sure you know, that was better for your daughter as well. Do you know if this will be a problem in future labors or if this was just a one-time occurence? Anyway, enjoy your precious little one, and hopefully I'll be seeing you in the infant care forum!


angelbebe - June 1

Thank you ladies. Her name is pronounced Pai-a (the "ai" sounding like the word "eye"). There is a beautiful castle/wine town in Tuscany called Castello di Volpaia. We loved the place and something about the name "Volpaia"...we came up with "Paia". That was the weekend we began trying to conceive her. It was just meant to be her name. Anyways, Lindsay-my contractions were just like that especially just days before I went into active labor, so get ready! THey started out with just my upper abdomen tightening, but then you know they're real when you get a strong cramp down low that tends to extend into your lower back. It's just gradual, at least it was for me. They build in intensity. It's really a trip. You know the strangest thing to me right now is? I don't have a little one moving inside of me! It's strange to lose that sensation after having it for so long!! Now, I look over at my little girl as she kicks her feet in the air. I can just see her doing that inside of me. : ) As for future labors, it's hard to say. At least this time we know some things to look out for if I'm not progressing. Can't wait to hear all your birth stories!!! Just enjoy these last few days or weeks. They really do end and suddenly your baby is here. I am looking forward to future forums on baby topics! : )


Jenn2 - June 2

congrats to you!! Its great to hear you and Paia are just fine. I think your story is uplifting b/c you seem to have handled everything very well. good luck to you.


mia - June 2

congratulatons angelbebe.....You have made what really can only be described as scary quite beautiful,i feel a little more confident after reading your birth story.good luck to you and your family and what a lovely name for your daughter.


Deb - June 2

Congrats, and thanks for sharing your story. You have made me feel more comfortable about labor and delivery!


Corrine321 - June 2

Awww! Congratulations!!!


miraclebaby - June 2

Congrats to you , you obviously have a high pain tolerance. Kudos to you!!!!!!!! Enjoy your daughter. :) :)


angelbebe - June 3

Heh! YOu know, I never thought I had high pain tolerance...I mean, I have never broken a bone or been in any serious pain. I just set it in my head that I was going to go natural and I really had no fear whatsoever. I trusted my body knew what to do. Being able to move around was KEY. Lying in bed and watching the time would have killed me. I just kept laughing, talking, and staying positive...thinking of every contraction as a sensation that was bringing me one step closer to giving birth. Not having strange nurses, machines, and operating tools near by just made me feel more relaxed and I truely believe that alone made the pain manageable. The whole thing is so mental. Laboring at home made me feel more in control of my labor. When I did all that I could, I let the doctor take over. That is the way it should be. It is our bodies and our babies and we know instinctly how to do it. The doctors are there to a__sist if you need them. I wish all of you the best with your labor. Don't let it scare you...let it empower you.


Atarahsmommy - June 6

Thanks for your story, it sounds so great, I too want to go naturally, but if something comes up and I need medical intervention I hope I have as open of a mind as you did, it sounds like you did wonderfully, I want to labor at home as long I can, but I am having a hospital birth, I hope I can labor at home long enough to have the same freedoms you had, of course I will have to go to the hospital before you did because I wont have someone at my house to deliver the baby, thanks for the story, it really helped me a lot


angelbebe - June 6

Atarahsmommy-yeah, just make sure if at all possible they allow you freedom to keep moving around at the hospital. There is no reason if you are progressing normal for them to have any monitors or anything on you. The movement really is essential for managing pain. AT least the freedom to move and feel comfortable in your space there doing whatever you feel you need to. Don't be afraid to ask that interruptions be kept to a minimum. The more relaxed and comfortable you can be, the better. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!



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