The Way You Are Carrying Amp Gender

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ssmith - February 2

Hi! I am just curious to know how you are carrying your baby, and whether it's a boy or girl. I know this is kind of silly, but I'm curious to know as I am not finding out the s_x of my baby. I am 29 almost 30 weeks along. So far, I am just round in the tummy and nowhere else....what about you?


Kerri - February 2

I'm carrying low and I'm having a girl!


ssmith - February 2

Congrats! When are you due? I think I am carrying kind of low too. Everyone has said that they think I am carrying a girl, but I have no idea. Thanks for your response!


Maggie - February 3

I'm all belly and I'm having a girl! With my son I carried everywhere and I didn't look round. My girl is making me look like swallowed a basketball.


julie - February 3

Hate to burst your bubble, but that's what they told me when I was carrying my son. We didn't know what he would be, everyone said I was carrying low and in the front - it's gonna be a girl... Nope - he was ALL boy when he came out! And was nameless for the whole day too... I am 32 weeks and again, I am low and all in the front - according to the sono - it's another boy... Round like a bball!!!


Kel - February 3

I am ALL tummy and its a girl, it was very obvious at the ultraound. I feel like you do, Maggie, like I swallowed a basketball.


Marlene - February 3

I'm carrying low and look like a perfect basketball is in my belly. I'm having a boy!! So far when strangers stop me they all ask if its a boy


andrea - February 3

I've gained 30-35 lbs. and I am ALL belly. I'm carrying pretty low, and I'm having a boy! When I had my daughter I carried high and gained weight evenly throughout my body. The exact opposite of this baby!


Lisa - February 3

I'm carrying low and its a boy


jenn - February 3

carrying low and round girl 3 ultrasounds comfirm I was also the same with daughter My son he was high It all depends on the baba nothing to dowith gender just the way they are comfee


missy - February 3

I am carrying high and I am having a girl, I also have a son and I carried high with him too!!!!


jenni - February 3

all belly but carrying very low, with a boy


jessb - February 4

I am carrying very high and very round. I have a huge basketball shaped tummy that starts up near my ribs. I wish this kid would hurry up and drop already!!!


rk - February 5

Jessb you sound like me! I'm having a boy & looks like I swallowed a basketball. He's very high up also. I'm 35 weeks, hope he drops soon!


Annette - February 5

I am all belly, carrying high and to the front (basketball). I have a "boy belly" and I am having a boy.


Honey Bee - February 5

Low and all belly and its a boy I got some chub on my arms and face but its not alot


Lindsay - February 5

I am carrying low and all belly too.... I am also having a boy.



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