They Told Me Quot Boy Quot And Now Quot Girl Quot

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lovinmybaby - January 19

Okay so I'm due in Feb. 14th with my second child. My 2nd ultrasound my doctor told me it was a little boy, even though I honestly couldn't tell. We were very excited, even though I did want a girl. We have everything prepared, nursury, clothes, the works. Yesterday we rushed to the hospital because of weird cramps (I was fine). My doctor did an US to make sure things looked okay. Anyway, he mentioned "She looks Healthy..." What???? SHE??? I'm so frusturated, yet excited! I"m on bedrest now so my dh has to return most of our stuff to prepare for our girl! We were going to name him Weston after his grandma. Anyway I need help on a girl name, we have 4 in mind....Georgia, Dalton, Kiira, or Sarah. What do you all think? Any other suggestions? Oh her last name will be Catherine most likely.


Lala - January 19

wow!! How do you know which one to beleive? How far along were you when your doc told you boy? Was it the same doc that now tells you girl? I'm really interested to know the details! How frustrating!


lovinmybaby - January 19

Its the same doc! He said hes 100% sure its a girl but I don't know what to believe. At my 20 week ultrasound he said "oh I think you're having another boy!" and my last u/s he acted like we knew it was a girl. I'm debating about getting a second opinion, but whats the point if I'm due in the next month. I just hope my baby is healthy!


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

Are you sure the u/s tech said 'you are having a girl"? I have had many techs that refer to the baby as he or she and that not having to do anything with the s_x they just felt more comfortable saying that, though the warned me before the u/s that the refer to the baby as she or he despite its s_x. i dont want to sound rude but this is also why epople should not run out and buy all the clothes or paint the nursery a certain colour because there is always that chance. reading this reminds me of a acquantance who had a baby girl with a boy's nursery but ya I would check and make sure the tech said it was a girl or just said she you never know.


zay28 - January 19

I love sarah. COngratulations for you little girl.


Sonrisa - January 19

Oh my!....I was told that I am having a boy and always keep wondering what if it is a girl. We are painting the room blue in a couple of weeks. I am 31 wks but have only had one u/s at 20 wks that said it was a boy and they even took a picture of our son's parts. So I cannot imagine them making a mistake. Sorry to hear about it...but it is probably exciting as well. I like Sarah the best. Good luck.


firedoor05 - January 19

they told me at 25 weeks im having a girl... now im scared after hearing all this that it's not accurate!!! if it does end up being a boy, he'll be wearing a lot of pink and he better like a lavendar room! good luck lovinmybaby =)


tritty - January 19

if i were you i would buy only a few unis_x things until you have the baby. it's so close now what's the point in driving yourself crazy? was the nursery painted for a boy or could it go both ways? wow! that's kind of crazy but if it is truly a girl at least they caught it now before you have her or him..... : )


Carah - January 19

I love the sound of Sarah Catherine!!! GOod luck on what you decide.


cindernar - January 19

That is CRAZY! I can't imagine that happening! Of course, I've already had 6 ultrasounds, so the chances of that happening to me are slim, I think. Congrats! I love Sarah!


Tammy276 - January 19

After they said "She looks healthy", did you ask them if they knew for sure it was a girl? sometimes the u/s tech and/or doctor will just refer to the baby as he/she no matter that the s_x it... so unless you confirmed with them that it is indeed a girl, I wouldn't go out exchanging too much stuff.


Lala - January 19

Wow--seems like alot of hormones going around here. I don't think you needed to be put down! Who of us doesn't go by what the US say it is? They are ALMOST always right! It does make the rest of us wonder, though, doesn't it? I was told a boy, but I have to say his "boy parts" pic looks weird. Wouldn't it be a trip to find out in the delivery room that they were wrong? Probably mine is a boy, but it seems that you are having a girl, huh?


Sonrisa - January 19

It did happen to my cousin with their first child. They were told girl and it is a boy. They sent out Christmas cards with the baby-to-be's name. (This is something I do not recommend.) They signed Annie and guess what...Annie is now an Andrew. But then again this was 10 years ago when the machines were not that good.


Tammy276 - January 19

Lala, who on here was putting her down? We were all just giving her some friendly advice. I was told I am having a girl, but if the u/s tech refered to her as a "he" during a second ultrasound, I would question it and ask, are you saying this because you see that it is a boy, or do refer to all babies as "he".... And I would probably ask to see another pic. of the "parts" so I could see for myself....I would just hate for her to go out and exchange all of her stuff for girlie stuff, just to find out that it is a boy and the tech or doc. just refered to it as a girl...With my son, the whole u/s (even after they knew the gender), he was refered to as a she, but we could clearly see that he was a was just the verbage the tech used for u/s'


Lala - January 19

Well, in her response she said that the doc is now "100% sure" it's a girl. sounds to me like she clarified it with him.


Kar - January 19

I have a friend that had 2 u/s and both they were told boy and guess what they had a I don't think its 100% it you see them on the big day!!


lovinmybaby - January 19

Well, I am going in at 6pm today for another u/s at another clinic! I feel like I'm at my 20 week u/s again. We've decided to hold back returning anything until we're 100% sure. Most of his stuff is hand downs from my 3 year old son. During the 1st u/s he was moving like crazy so I'm not too surprised they messed up. I can tell you now, Its going to be a funny story to share with Weston/Sarah someday. I'll let you all know what today u/s sounds!



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