Thick White Yellow Discharge With Braxton Hicks

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kare - September 11

lastnight around 6pm braxton hicks started to get painful in my lower back and tummy.. although they are irregular, im wondering if they are meant to be so painful you find it hard not to puff through them.. also, going to the bathroom since they started lastnight, there is a thick, sometimes light yellow discharge... this morning there was alot of it.. what is this caused by? i know some discharge is normal in pregnancy, but i havent had anything like this before.. we are at 33 weeks.


mindee - September 11

kare-you might want to call your dr, it sounds like your losing your mucas plug, I am just now losing mine and I am 38 weeks pregnant. If you are only 33 weeks this can be considered to early. Good luck!


kare - September 11

no blood though... :-s im so nervous about everything.. the discharge looks very gunky, light yellow in colour, but no sign of blood.. i have an appointment with the midwife in 4 hours time..


ekay - September 11

I think you'll be able to tell a difference between plug and discharge. The plug is DEFINITELY a different texture. I literally looks like you sneezed in you underwear.


kare - September 11

groin ache has returned.. starting to travel to my upper thigh when i get up to walk anywhere.. braxton hicks contractions are still coming at irregular intervals, very painful. the hospitals dont do internals here until you reach 36 weeks (unless there is something they have to keep watch of) so im not sure what they will say to me about this.. will probably tell me not to worry and that will be that visit!


kare to ekay - September 11

hi ekay, its very thick and stringy, but no sign of blood - i thought mucous plug usually has sign of blood?


L - September 12

Last night I was definintely having a lot of Braxton-H. I was beginning to think it was the real thing since they were coming so often but I also kept having a feeling of trickling in my panties, but then when I would go check it would only be some moisture with a little discharge, it was doing it all day!! Is this something that happens when labor is near. I mean, sure I've had discharge through out the whole pregnancy but all day it felt like spurt of drainage. I'm also nervous because I met a girl at a bridal shower the other week and she didn't realize for two days that her water had broke since it was soo discrete!!


ekay - September 12

Hey kare, around 35 weeks I noticed a big increase in discharge and BH. Being my 3rd pregnancy, I wasn't really concerned about either. With my first, I was in and out of the hospital with false labor, but if you are truely concerned, call your ob. BTW, my mucus plug came out in bits and pieces and sometimes had blood and sometimes didn't. Hope that helps!



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