Things You Were Never Told

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jb - January 9

I saw this thread started on another website and thought it would be interesting to see what you ladies who are already mommies thought. I was wondering if there were things you experienced after childbirth that nobody ever told you about. One example I had read about was the fact that br___tfeeding really hurts. Do you have any other ones to add?


mel - January 9

The first thing that popped into my head was, noone ever told me just how far a tiny infant could project vomit or how one good pooh could literally wind up behind their ears! wtf? LOL>


monique - January 9

No one ever told me that if you have a c-section you want to get up and walk as soon as possible because the gas pain from thr trapped air is worse then a contraction.


andrea - January 9

No one ever told me that labor was going to feel more like taking a s***, That was very surprising.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 9

Nobody told me how light headed and "hit by a truck" you feel like after a v____al birth. I was not prepared!


mel - January 9

noone told me that it would take so many nurses to deliver one baby (seemed like there were a half dozen down there) and that I would be so swollen after giving birth as well. my entire body....not just down there.


Jenn - January 9

monique! I agree! The day after my emergency c, the nurse came in and said "time to get up" and I said that I didn't feel like it and she said I had to!! for me- no one told be tht a baby could be too big to come out!! They all said "the body does amazing things!"


kris A. - January 9

Here's a big one - pardon the pun... do not, i repeat, DO NOT, eat solid food until after your first bowel movement... I ate soft food and popped stool softeners like candy and still ended up pa__sing a poo the size of my daughter's thigh - I was in so much pain in the bathroom that morning I seriously contemplated calling the emergency room - only embarra__sment kept me from doing so... after two hours on the pot that THING came out... I was sore for two days. That was with a csection, apparently the drugs slow the digestive tract...


jenn - January 9

i have very severe panic attacks:(


Eryn @ MN - January 9

Know one ever told be its normal to puke when your in labor. ( i did lots) No one ever told me that labor can acturally go pretty smoothly. ( All you hear is horror stories)


gb - January 10

I didn't realize how many strangers would end up seeing my rear by the time I left the hospital. .... and that it really wouldn't bother me as much as I would have imagined..


KLC - January 10

No one told me that if you can't b___stfeed and you have to wait for your milk to dry up the pain is almost as bad as the labor itself. (TIP - my mom took an old sheet and ripped it into sheets and then bound my chest area tightly with it...this was the only way I could even move )


monique - January 10

Klc... for future ref. put cabbage leaves in your bra , it will dry you up quickly mother did that for me and there was no problem.


Maggie - January 10

No one told me that my baby couldn't control his eye movements. The night we brought him home I was holding him and staring at his sleeping face, when he opened his eyes and they rolled back into his head. I screamed so loud my next door neighbor ran over and explained to me that it was perfectly normal. Boy did I feel like an a**.


sarahlorrain - January 10

nobody told me how much I would bleed immediatly after giving birth. I mean, I knew I would be bleeding like a period for a few weeks, but the nurses forgot to tell me to put a pad on before I got up to potty, and I just poured blood all over the floor. There was a puddle about 2 feet in diameter!! I was sooooo embarrased when the janitor guy came in to mop it all up. My doc said that it's normal though for all that blood to pool in your uterus. So, put a pad on before you even think about getting up!


MC - January 10

No one ever told me that you could break/fracture your tailbone when you are pushing. I fractured mine. Yikes still hurts 2 mths later


Steph - January 10

No one told me that when your about 8-9 months along and your wiping after going to the restroom that you get globby clear cm coming out. Scared the living hell outta me!!



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