Things You Wish You Knew Before Giving Birth

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brucen - March 20

This is really for first time mommies. Now that it's all over with, what do you wish you had known before?


.... - March 20

good question!!!!


brucen - March 20

ok, i'll kick it off. Choose the hospital with the most comfy beds and labor/ delivery, recovery in the same room.


Jenn... to Brucen - March 20

I don't have anything to add, as it is not quite over for me yet. Just a comment though. When I went on my hospital tour they said they had just remodeled. The rooms used to be labor through recovery in one room. The hospital said they got a lot of complaints from women who were recovering- saying it was hard to rest and relax when women were screaming through contractions in the surrounding rooms. So they made a wing of rooms just for recovery. So maybe it is not better to be all in one room. What was your experience like?


brucen - March 21

Just having to move around right after really sucked for me. I suppose that is one of the other things you should look at -- the lay out of the hospital. The hospital that offered everything in one room, were all private rooms/ with your own jacuzzi etc and spaced out. (Only $37 more than the other hospital.) A friend told me I wouldn't need all of that. Additonally that hosital did not have a level 3 NICU, my husband and I thought that was important. (Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.) As it turned out we did need the NICU, but not the level 3. It all boils down to what you feel most comfy with, but I sure wish I had found something like this B4 baby!


tootie - March 23

Some hospitals offer maternity packages for the uninsured. You have to ask otherwise you could be one the 40% or so of Americans who go bankrupt due to medical bills.


news u can use - March 29

TAKE breath mints --for the love of GAWD take breath mints! Some one is going to need them!


Katharine - April 5

Ask immediately after birth for your Tuck's pads and Dermaplast. They forgot to give them to me and I didn't know to ask. Nothing helps a post-birth v____al area like these two items.


similar thread - April 12

ther is a similar thread in the under first trimester.


Kymmi - April 12

I'm not a first time mommy, but I couldn't resist the chance to say this. I wouldn't wish I knew anything. I think the surprise of everything was the most challenging and yet rewarding of all!


ARGG - April 12

check your bill-- even if you are insured. Hospitals are notorius for over charging and charging for things u didnt get.


Jill - April 15

Take something to eat to the hospital I was so hungry after I had my baby and it takes a few hours for the hospital to bring you something to eat. Also be prepared to not sleep for a long time. It kinda makes you crazy when you stay up for a few days strait.


nelly - April 23

i was terrified to take the stool softner because it makes you go and i was scared because i had an episiotomy and i know thats why they give it but i was not expecting iit now i know how helpful it really was and not to be paranoid this time



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