Thinning Cervix At Only 28 5 Weeks

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Mzwest83 - September 25

Ok so I have had a premmie little girl born at 26 weeks and my second litttle girl I went into labor at 26 weeks put on bed rest and whe was born at 37 weeks. I am now 28.5 weeks and I thought doing good. My Doctor has been monitoring my cervical lenght since I was 12 weeks( which has always been about 3.5 give or take a .1-.2) Yesterday it measured 2.2cm. I am a little worried that I might go into labor early again!! He did not put me on bed rest just told me to take it easy. He seemed worried when he was looking at it. He did mention maybe going to the hospital to stay until I deliver but with two kids at home I really don't want to leave them. I go back MOnday to have a swab test done. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going or has gone through this and what was the out come.


musicbaby - September 25

I was 40% effaced and having mild contractions at 34 weeks (so a little further along than you) was told to go home and take it easy. I am now 39 weeks!!! I have been having the contractions pretty much the entire 5 weeks. They dont do enternal exams here unless they have too so not sure how much I have progressed over that time. Just wanted to let you know that you can start the 'proceedings' early and still have a wee way to go. :-) Now I am just so ready to have this baby its not funny! GL I hope that everything goes well for you and your LO manages to stay in there a bit longer! :-)


Mzwest83 - September 26

Thanks for answering. I am just a little scaried. The doctor keep talking about putting me in the hospital until baby is born, a preterm baby with problems, just alot of scary stuff. My hubby came home and wanted to start packing our hospital bag (still might). I know doctor needs to prepare us for the worst and hope for the best kinda thing. But it really scaried me.


Buffi R. - September 26

My first was born at 32 weeks, not due to cervical problems, but from a combination placental abruption and bacterial infection. He had major problems at birth, even for being that far along, so believe me, I understand your concerns. This time around (I'm 27 weeks) I'm getting the full battery of OB care including cervical length (CL) scans, fetal fibronectin tests (might be the same thing you referred to as swabs), and as of Oct. 1, I'll move up to weekly OB check ups. With the two CL scans I've had so far, my first measured 6 cm which they said was outstanding, but my second (only four weeks later) measured 4 cm. I was freaked out by the drop in length in just four weeks, but my OB and the U/S tech both said anything above 2 cm is fine at this point. My OB said medical literature says 1 to 1-1/2 cm is fine, but she likes 2 and above to be on the safe side. The U/S tech said something called "funnelling" is even more important than the CL. This is where she has me push and bear down during the CL scan to see if the top of the cervix (called the "inner os") gives way from the baby's head and starts to form a funnel shape. If it does, that could indicate impending problems, but if it stays nice and closed, then things are fine. So far, I haven't had any funnelling and my fetal fibronectins have been negative. See if they check for funnelling during your CL scans too.


jeni23 - September 26

I was dilated to a 1at 29 weeks and my cervix was short,normal at that stage is 5 I was at 1.5.And at that time my son was breech.I didnt deliver him till 38 weeks 2 days.Anything is possible.I was dilated at a 4 at 34 weeks till I delivered also.Good luck.


Mzwest83 - September 27

Thanks for the support and encouraging stories! I really hope I make it to 38 weeks.



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