Third Trimester Emotions

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Nancy - July 11

Wondering how you ladies in the third trimester are feeling emotionally now that the due date is becoming a reality. I am 33 weeks with my first and have had a great pregnancy so far, lately however, I am noticing that it feels as though I have PMS except magnified by about 100 -- irritable, emotional, down, etc. Is this normal for this stage of pregnancy? Anyone feeling the same way?


Aimes - July 11

Oh Yes! I am 30 weeks this Friday, and I have been so down in the dumps lately. I just got laid off from my job last week, so that's probably not helping. I just feel like there's so much I want to do, but I don't have the energy to do it. Also, now tht I am not working I feel guilty going out and spending money. It's so hot here too that I am pretty much stuck in the house unless I go out early morning or late evening. I have been having cramping like feelings and the PMS like you said. I have had a great pregnancy too and had planned on working up unti the end;unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. I think it's only going to get worse for me though, as I have a long way to go. Pretty soon we'll be longing for the days we were bored to death in the house!


piratesmermaid - July 11

Goodness, yes! Actually, I just posted a question "I just don't know how I'm supposed to feel" relating to this! I'm 39 1/2 weeks, and I just feel like c___p emotionally (and physically, but that's a different story!)


Michelle C - July 11

ME TOO!!!! i feel like an emotional roller coaster! ill be 33 weeks tommorrow and i feel like i get so easily upset by anything. Even something so little as my mom asking me how 'THE BELLY IS DOING" annoys the c___p out of me. i feel bad but everyone pretty much just grins and bears it with me. im usually a very happy go lucky kinda girl but i get in these STAY AWAY moods. i guess its normal!


Rebekah B - July 11

30.5 weeks and I just recently began to get emotional. I have been so calm and happy up till now, and I still am, but I have my moments. I have irrationally cried 2 times this past week. I just tell my husband “I just want to warn you, I am getting ready to cry and I don't have a good reason". I really don't want these last few weeks to make me a crazy pregnant lady. I know the heat is not helping!


MEO - July 11

yah, irritable, emotional, mood swingy, all normal. Chalk it up to the hormones, tell your husband or whoever most needs to know why you are more easily annoyed, and then just vent it. Here is a good place to do that. I'm 39 weeks and have been increasingly irritable for the last month or so. I try not to lash out at people, just hold my tongue and write in my journal or something where I can just say how dang annoying people and situations are - sometimes I get annoyed even just from thinking that people should be treating me better because I am pregnant (like letting my cross the street before their car or holding the door for me or something) which is hilarious to me because I never would have imagined that I would think this way :) yay for moods!


Erynn21 - July 11

I am 32wks and almost had an anxiety attack this weekend. I felt like I had pms too, nothing right but nothing's really wrong. One of my things is fear, I know that's what it is, I'm scared after 12 years of my hubby and I being just a couple how are we going to be the 3 of us. I know it will be fine it's just the unknown is well just that, unknown. I still feel okay physically, but I just have pent up anxiety. I actually feel better today I went to the doctor and had my check up and that went well. I just feel like I could lose it and freak out. My hubby is amazing, he tells me every day that I'm amazing, and I have been a pretty darn good pg woman, I guess this is just another phase that we get to go through. I'm glad I'm not the only one.


Been There - July 11

Erynn, that's so funny that your husband said you've "been a pretty darn good pg woman." My husband came home the other night saying he had just been bragging that I've been a trooper during this pregnancy. He doesn't care if I snap every once in a while because it's all justified by my being pregnant. To think I'm going to lose my power and instant forgiveness for all my irrational actions in a couple of weeks. Shucks!


3babies - July 12

Hey Been There, my husband just said the same thing to friends last week, that this is the most normal I have been in all my pregnancies. I have only got a bit teary a couple of times, and I know if I am tired I can just tell him, he takes over and I disappear for half an hour. He keeps the kids out of my hair and I come back out a new woman! And just to rea__sure you Nancy, my husband loves to tell people that during my first pregnancy I was crying hysterically because he came back to the car with cheezels instead of cheese twisties ... then made the mistake of telling me they were the same thing, not when you are pregnant and you want cheese TWISTIES they arent!!! Seriously I think he would have loved to have left me for the last couple of months and picked me up at the hospital!


apr - July 12

I had that starting from week 30 or 31. I was so shocked at myself. I just wasnt ME!!! And now I am 37 weeks, and I try to think that my mood swings are better then they were, although I do get angry over the silliest things. Because this is my 1st pregnancy, I have people telling me what to do all the time, and it grates my nerves!!!!!!!!!! The thing which upsets me most is that I get upset at hubby often which I never did, and I feel so bad because he has been so supportive throughout!!!! Oh goodness!!!!!!!!!


Olivene - July 12

Hi. I'm 36 weeks today. I guess I'm lucky, but I've been having an opposite effect. I tend to cry a little, but it's like an "I can't believe I get to have this miracle happen in my life" type of crying. Of course, I snap at my husband now and then, when I'm tired, but more often I tend to have giggle fits and he looks at me like I've lost it. Whatever you are feeling is normal. Pregnancy isn't easy! Health and happiness to you!


piratesmermaid - July 12

I've, according to my hubby, become this obsessive demanding thing that I never was before. I think it's because now that her due date is only a couple days away, I feel like I'm loosing control, and I'm trying anything to get some control back. And I never thought of myself as a person who needs to be in control before... hmm...


Mingill - July 12

I'm an emotional roller-coaster. Somedays I'm great and other days I feel awful. I'm 31 weeks and 5 days. Sometimes just the sound of people's voices or commercials drive me bonkers. It's a stressful time, we're all prepping for baby's arrival, plus we've got the rest of our lives to manage and we are getting that last surge of hormones. All of this leads to PMS x 10 for us pregnant ladies. Hopefully those around us will understand (and if they don't, too bad for them and they'd better not annoy us, LOL).


piratesmermaid - July 12

Oh, people's voices especially, Mingill!!! I've turned off so many movies and music because of that. And my hubby is like, "what's wrong with that?" and I'm "I just can't take it right now!"


Mingill - July 12

The mute b___ton is my best friend right now LOL. Dh has just gotten used to it. Poor guy, I know he's looking forward to having his wife back, the sane one he married. But I've warned him, that could take some time, and I don't think my brain will ever function the same way. Last night, I asked him to get my medication out of the oven (I meant fridge so then I'm going, "don't say it, you know what I meant, so don't even say it", knowing full well he's just dying to make some wise crack.


afwife - July 13

yep, i'm 37 wks along and was pleasant as can be throughout the whole thing.....TIL NOW. i'm irritable, tired and just DONE being pregnant!!!! everything and everyone annoys me these days...LOL


afwife - July 13

LOL....yea the other night i was watching TV and hubby decides to sit at the computer(in the same room) and start downloading music and listening to it!!! While I"M trying to watch tv. i just felt like i could have smacked him. Then last night, i'm watching tv(again!!!) and him and the dog are going nuts on the floor and for some reason, it was just like i could NOT take it. i just left the room and went upstairs. it's funny to look back on it now!!!!



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