Third Trimester Pregnancy Fears

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prayerfully_hopeful - April 7

Have any of you been exposed to pregnancy horror stories (loss, & complications) and are fearful?


Kath - April 7

of course, this is only natural for someone who is a/pregnant and b/intelligent. All we can do is hope for the best and take rea__surance from any tests/ultrasound we might have had that show that the baby is normal and healthy. But bad things can happen at anytime, to anyone, and this is just a fact of life that any adult needs to take on board. I hope you don't think about this more than you can help. Best of luck...


meme - April 7

I already have enough of my own normal anxieties (for instance, was I exposed to too much secondhand smoke?) Everyone's got their horror stories. Just remember that every pregnancy, labor & delivery is unique; even in the same woman, the way each of her children came into the world can be vastly different. I take everyone's stories and advice with a large grain of salt. It's all interesting to listen to, but it's just not my life. Some fear is natural, like stage fright. If an actor wasn't a little scared before he or she performed, they might be overconfident and mess up. However, don't let it get to you too much if you can help it. Good luck!


Bonnie - April 7

Meme is right, they are all different. I was SO afraid. My labor was definately different. It was 14 hours long, 2 and a half hours pushing, and ended in a c-section. Sounds terrible, right? It wasn't bad at all and I would do it again in a heartbeat! My water broke with no contractions so they induced me. When it got fairly painful but not so bad that I was in agony, I got an epidural. It didn;t work so they redid it. It was heaven. I was chatting away with my family at 10 cm dialated! No pain at all. The only problem I had was I was afraid of everything. I cried when they induced me, I cried when I had to have the c-section. The pain I had never lasted very long. It was a wonderful experience. Try not to listen to horror stories. Some are bad and some are good experiences. Everyone is different. But you will get through it. :)


meme - April 8

Oh, I wanted to add that fear doesn't make pain go away or help you relax. Tension reliably makes the pain more intense. It can be tough to relax when everything you've heard makes your mind make your body rebel, but breathe and try.


prayerfully_hopeful - April 8

Thanks for the support, just something that's been bugging me since early in the pregnancy. I know each pregnancy is different that's obvious just sometimes those types of stories are discouraging, and not to mention scary. Thanks again


Annette - April 8

Just think that you are in the hands of expert doctors and nurses, everything will be fine! Just relax aaaall your body and don´t fight the pain.


Tess - April 9

This might sound ODD but lately (its been 3 days or so) Im not sure where I saw it, how I heard it, how I read it...I am worried about our baby having a birth defect?? (none in our family has any nor my husband's side) One day Im fine then next thing I knew it would just pop out of my head...I always pray and I always ask for peace of mind and guidance that everything will be alright :-) My ultrasound pictures are fine thats my a__surance that everything is OK but why is my mind can't stop making me worry? Uggggghhhhhh I hate this feeling. I just need some uplifting comments right now.


prayerfully_hopeful - April 9

Tess, I feel the same way. Ultrasounds are fine, movement are fine, and still my mind wanders!! Some people don't understand that this is a very uneasy feeling that's hard to shake. That's why I brought the topic up wondering if anyone else are having fears. I'm guessing this is common for some women and for others it is. I'm not like this everyday but every now and then I get so d__n worried. I understand where you're coming from!! I've read that ANXIETY during pregnancy is pretty much normal. We'll do fine, women like us are extra cautious during pregnancy. Let's have some faith in our unborn babies, God, and the medical professionals. Yes, prayer does help I should know!! XoXo Thanks for sharing your anxiety! LOL


Tess - April 9

Thank you prayerfully_hopeful :P Im glad Im not the only ONE!! Im thinkin that perhaps Im probably INSANE or what?!? This is our 1st baby so ofcourse my worries from 1-10 scale is 11. I have 6 more wks til my due date (may 19th) I just hope it would come soon.....(days I mean) Goodluck to all the mommies out there and to you prayerfully_hopeful :P Thanks for the comments.


prayerfully_hopeful - April 9

I have two more weeks for my mine, I am 38 weeks and just waiting. My worrying on scale from 1-10 is 8. Half of it is impatience. I've been having contractions all weekend but they're not coming steady enough for me to deliver they are about 7-10 minutes apart. The L&D staff will just send me home!! Walking isn't working because I'm not dilating and I've been walking 2-3 miles 3x a week. No real relief until the baby gets here I suppose!!


Tess - April 10

Hi prayerfully_hopeful :P Im just keeping a positive thought about everything...I have a Dr. Appt next Wednesday and I will get some a__surance to my Dr. as well. From what Ive read they can usually detect (if ever) any problems when you're 18-22 wks pg per an ultrasound. And come to think of it.....I came this far and Im having this anxiety!! Waaaaaaa I know my baby is OKAY...With HIS help I know I will be fine and so does my child. Goodluck to us!


meme - April 10

to Tess & prayerfully_hopeful: same here. I already know it's normal to worry about baby's health, but it's still comforting to hear that other women are too. Guess we'll know soon enough anyway! There are ten days left to the estimated due date... so even if he's late, not too much longer!


Tess - April 10

Thanks meme! Wow....10 more days til the BIG DAY huh? Im happy for you. I have about 5 more wks til I see her and hold her. Goodluck to u!



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