Third Trimester Pregnancy Problems

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youshi - May 1

Correction/edited: Hi, My wife is exactly 34 weeks pregnant. We're having our first baby and she's 23 years old. Lately, she is been having serious sleep problems. It all started about 4 or 5 month ago. She got sick once, because she had lots of lime and it made her nauseous. She was very worried that it might harm the baby, so we decided to go to the nearest hospital. Doctor said it's nothing. We went back home. She couldn't sleep or even if she could, she never really had a normal sleeping schedule. She couldn’t stay asleep long. Her sleep state wasn't deep anymore. She’s never really asleep... and she's never really awake. She tells me that she somehow, while she is asleep, actually feels that she has been asleep. So we kept going to hospital for 3 nights in a row just because she felt her heart beat was high, she's dreadfully exhausted and she just couldn't sleep eventhough she is not thinking about anything to make her more anxious and her mind is clear as pure water. However different doctors told her that everything is fine, just think positively and it will go away. Just absolute nonsense. Her stupid pregnancy doctor recommended that I start taking pills and seeing a psychiatrist. She doesn’t really care about our baby or my wife. It’s good that I have enough experience with pills and all Dangerous side effects they cause in every people of our great planet. After that, her sleeping schedule went back to normal. Just recently her problem came back and since last night she hasn’t been listening to me. I keep telling her that going to hospital makes her much worse and they won't keep her for long and we have to wait for long hours to get checked out by a nurse. They're not private, and even if they were private we don't have that kind of money. She thinks she will go insane or die if this lasts for ever. What should I do to make her feel better?


youshi - May 1



mommietobe - May 1

Sleep problems are common in pregnancy. I myself suffer from insomnia with my current pregnancy and my last one. Tylenol Pm is ok to take and can help some woman. What bothers me is that your wifes's DR. doesn't seem very sympathetic to the problem. I know it probably isn't an option to switch at this point so maybe you could try some alternative methods like ma__sage, teas, trying the couch. I was able to sleep in a recliner with my first pg. Could it be stress?You said your wife has never really had a normal sleep schedule. Having a baby especially your first, things run thru your mind like, is the baby ok, being scared of what labor will be like, and then to top it off your dealing with hormones. If she is this sleep deprived now, it will get worse after that baby comes as you tend to get very little sleep with a newborn in the house. I really do sympathise with you. Most woman I know just deal with the insomnia, some see a therapist , some Dr.'s will prescibe a sleeping pill. You have to do what is best for you and your wife and the situation. I hope things get better! Hang in there.


youshi - May 1

I think hormones are the main reasons for most sleep disorders. I think it will go away on its own after delivery. What do you think? your kind advice will be very helpful to us.


mommietobe - May 1

It's funny because so many people said the insomnia was your bodies way of getting ready for the baby. Most newborns feed like every two hours so your up all the time. When I delivered my son and came home I went back to normal sleep habits almost right away and was exhausted. I kept thinking what did I just go thru all the months of insomnia for. Yes, I do agree it can be hormones and I bet it will get better after the baby comes. I would try to let the baby go to the nursery at least one night while she's in the hospital so she can try to get some decent sleep.


miraclebaby - May 2

The web site must have had an error, because I wrote back to you yesterday and I dont see it on here. Tylenol pm or benadryl take it for a couple of days before bed, I have been sleeping horrible myself toss and turn all night.


Chrissy - May 2

Have her drink some chamomile tea an hour or so before going to bed. It honestly works soooooo well!!! Good luck!


Daniella - May 3

Or even sleepy tyme tea.. hehe... I think sleeping disorders is such a common problem in pregnancy that I wouldn't go to the hospital for it, just bring it up at the next apt. if its a concern. Also, getting nauseous or sick over something you eat or drink isn't something that would harm the baby..... try not to over react on everything, all its going to do is stress you out. Plus, only 6 more weeks until due date and you get to see your little one. Hang in there!!! Also, youshi.... just wondering, where you from??


youshi - May 4

We're from Toronto, Canada. I keep telling her not to play God, but she won't listen and gets more and more stressed each day. She can't drink tea at night , because it keeps her up however that's not what it does to me. To be honest, hospitals do you no good. They keep paging your doctor 'till she's ,completely, gone insane and just feed you their own nonsense. It's a big waste of time and patience. I mean, how long would it take 'till they get their act together and understand, we are paying taxes so they can provide us with a better service.


Daniella - May 4

youshi- well, what do you want the doctor to do?? Your wife has absolutely normal pregnancy concerns and she is only 34 weeks, so they can't induce or give meds because that would harm the pregnancy.... SO, honestly there really isn't anything they can do. If she's this bad just being pregnant, then I am scared for you when she goes into actual labor. Unless shes having a c-section!? You just have to keep telling her that it will all be over soon. Maybe even buy her a package to the spa to relax and have a prenatal ma__sage. Also, my best advice is not to keep running to the hospital unless there is a serious problem, cuz like you said... all its going to do is waste hours of your time just to be sent home because they can't do anything. Plus, you don't want to keep playing "the boy who cried wolf" because then they wont really listen when something is seriously wrong. I honestly never heard of anyone running to the nearest hospital because they threw up once. I mean, didn't your wife have morning sickness??


Tillie - May 4

Youshi, this sounds very psychological. Your wife sounds terrified! Have you two taken a childbirth cla__s or read books together on pregnancy and labor? You might try to get a better sense of what she's so afraid of. A racing heart, throwing up from a certain food and having trouble sleeping are ALL normal pregnancy symptoms. We ALL experience them--believe me. It's nothing to go to the hospital over, and nothing to panic about. It's odd that her doctor told you to see a psychiatrist, but perhaps what she's saying is that you two need to find a way to calm down and talk through some of these fears rather than running to the nearest ER. You might remind your wife, too, that her panic does more harm to the baby than a little racy heart or stomach ache. Daniella's idea of a spa trip is GREAT! Get her a prenatal ma__sage, rub her feet, draw her a bath, be soothing and rea__suring for her. Pregnancy is hard! But she isn't experiencing anything life threatening or out of the ordinary, so you must help her calm down.


youshi - May 4

Thanks girls for your honest advice. She's been better lately. Now she sleeps about 7 or even 8 hours per night, but her sleep state is not so deep, meaning she wakes up every two hours and goes back to sleep. Meanwhile I am going to buy her the spa trip package and try to calm her down as musch as possible. keep in touch.


Chrissy - May 4

Youshi, I would be in heaven if I slept for 2 hours at a time! I agree that it sounds like she is getting a little panicky over all the normal things in pregnancy! I'm lucky if I sleep for 30 minutes at a time, and this has been going on for at least 2 months now, and I am at 36 weeks. Also, lately I sleep 30 minutes, wake up, fall back to sleep, wake up 30 minutes later, this goes on for about 4 hours, then I am wide awake and up for good. Not trying to sound insensitive but I only WISH I was sleeping as well as she is. Danielle is right, there is nothing the doctors will do right now since she is not too far a long yet. The spa package is a great idea. You are a great husband to be on here supporting her and asking all the right questions, but oh my goodness, it only gets worse in the last few weeks!


youshi - May 5

thanks Chrissy. Atleast, I am convinced that her problems are normal. You know sometimes she is impatient and tired of her pregnancy problems and she looks at me straight in the eye like a cute fairy and asks me if I should leave her because she is ruining my life and I say, 'I am committed to you in sickness and health and no matter what happens I never regret my marriage and stay with you even in the life after death.' Her great quaities are indescribable. I wish you luck with a take-home healthy baby and you can contact me if you need any further support.


tlew - May 5

Awww youshi those words about your wife were so sweet. And the spa idea sounds very relaxing and romantic. Your wife is a very lucky woman. Just keep supporting her and being a great coach. Best of luck to you two. :)


Chrissy - May 6

You're doing great, and tlew is right, keep supporting her and doing everything you can to help her be comfortable. You can't imagine how she is feeling right now, even with her telling you. I am amazed everyday at the changes my body is going through, and has gone through in the last 8 1/2 months. I never had a clue what pregnant women go through! You feel it from your head to your toes. You are convinced there is something wrong with you or the baby! You can't sleep, can't find a comfortable position, have aches and pains in places you never imagined, and not to mention the anxiety of actually having to somehow get this little creature out of you! It's one of those things that no one can understand how you feel unless you've been pregnant, so obviously, it's something men will never ever fully understand even if they think they do. However, I am amazed at your support and compa__sion. My husband is wonderful, but would never even think to go on line to try to find something to help me with pregnancy concerns. You guys are almost there, only a few more weeks! You're wife's body is working soooo hard to make this baby and you're job is just to do whatever you can to help her feel okay! Great job!


youshi - May 9

thanks guys.



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