Third Trimester Ultrasound

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Sarah - July 11

I am 27 weeks pregnant and we were unable to find out the s_x of the baby. I realllyyyy want to know. I have an appt. on the 14th. Would it be really bad to say i am leaking fluid or bleeding or something???Thats the only way i can get another u/s.


Shelly - July 11

I may get some people on to me about this, but if you can not afford one of those 3D or 4D U/S and you really want to know GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! Lie all you can to get it.I should have posted this "anonymous" but i don't care. Good luck thursday and let me know what happens.


sarah - July 11

Thanx for responding. Hopefully i can get up the nerve to lie. I know it sounds bad but my baby shower is Aug. 6 and i don't want greens and yellows. The baby will be either Micah or Madeline. and i want pinks or blues.


~S~ - July 11

I've had 2 ultrasounds, one when I was 8 weeks and the second when i was 18 weeks. I won't be getting any more unless there's a complication. Some of my friends have told me to make something up, like cramping or bleeding, just so I can get another ultrasound to find out what the baby is, BUT I could never lie like that. I'm too afraid that my lie will come true, or something bad will happen because I lied, like a consequence. I guess I have a guilty conscience or I believe too much in karma. I was told a long time ago by my grandmother to never make up a lie that has to do with sickness or death, because someone in the family will fall terribly sick due to the lie. I guess she believes in that too.


~S~ - July 11

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my baby shower is coming up too (July 24th) and like I said, I don't know the s_x of my baby. If you don't want to get stuck with a bunch of yellow's and green's, ask for practical stuff, like baby equipment instead of clothes. Besides, I've noticed that people who are attending a baby shower for a baby of an unknown gender would rather buy equipment than clothes, because it's much easier than having to look for unis_x clothing items.


sarah - July 11

Thats probably what i'll do. I don't think i can lie and keep a straight face. At the 20 week ultrasound they said the baby was a little larger than normal. My husbands birth weight was like 10 lbs. so maybe we'll have a really big baby. Maybe the doctor will want another u/s to check the baby's growth. Hopefully but if not thats o.k. I just want a healthy baby and short labor. lol


Jbear - July 12

I just found out today that I'm having a girl. I'm 32 weeks. The ultrasound I had today was to check for the baby's growth, because my blood pressure has risen during my pregnancy and I may have to have the baby early. It's nice finding out the gender, but I would have been happier having no health problems and not needing the ultrasound...I think if you say you're leaking fluid they can swab for it, so they'd probably do that and just tell you you're having problems with bladder control. I had a friend who was bleeding and having a lot of contractions, and all they did for her was a pelvic exam. I would be worried about lying to the doctors, because what if the lie sounded serious enough that they put you on bedrest, or said you couldn't work if that's an issue, or decided you had to go for weekly tests...It's not a moral issue to me, it's just a matter of what might come of it. I saw another post where someone suggested finding out if there's a school in your area that trains ultrasound techs, and having them do an ultrasound which would probably be free.



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