This Comment Hurt So Bad

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Raychel - October 6

Today I went to the doc (27 weeks tomorrow), and I weigh 140 pds. I weighed 108 b4 pregnancy. My doc told me "I was getting too fat" and need to slow down the eating. I eat healthy, and tru I was hungry all the time in the 2nd trimester, but now I don't eat so much. Maybe I'm overreacting, but that hurt my feelings alot. Now I feel like everyones looking at me.


Ashlie - October 6

Raychel, I wouldnt worry about it, I gained 85lbs with my first son and I am now 36wks and have gained almost 50lbs with this little guy. I figure if your hungry, eat. Just watch what you eat, what I usually do is drink a large gla__s of water when im hungry and see if that helps, if im still hungry after that then I eat. I was told both times that I am "all baby" so im obviously eating that much for a reason. my first son was just over 8lbs and they are expecting me to have another 8-9lb baby this time. Good luck!


me too - October 6

i gain more than that and it's never been brought up in any of my pregnancies. it's not good to go to extremes, but if you're only eating three reasonable meals and a couple snacks throughout the day tell him to lay off. it never hurt me or anyone i know. he didn't have to say it like that either.


c - October 6

a friend gained nearly 90 and there wasnt a problem. ive gained 40 as of yesterday.


jessie - October 6

Raychel...I went to the doctors a month ago and she said I was gaining too much weight (I had gained 5lbs in 2 weeks). She suggested I cut out sugar and exercise more. I did as she asked me and my weight gain was the same. When I went back 2 weeks later, she said I still had gained too much weight but I told her I had changed my diet and had been walking every day. Her reply was that I might just be one of those women who gain weight rapidly. Then, at my next appointment, I had only gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Everyone gains it differently. My Bradley cla__s stresses that what you eat is more important than what you gain. Every women is going to gain differently and it is not logical that we will all fall into the 25-35 lb box that they have given us. Like Ashlie said, if you're hungry, eat. Don't deprive yourself, but EAT HEALTHY. I've gained 40 lbs and I'm at 34 weeks, but everyone says I'm all baby. And, really, everyone is looking at you because pregnant women are just so stinkin' cute!


Barb - October 7

I agree with everyone's only a number, not how much you gain but what you're eating...and personally I think that was VERY unprofessional of your doc. to say something like that to you....if he or anyone else ever says your fat..tell them "no I'm not, my baby is just growing!" :)


Julie - October 7

he could have found a nicer way to say it. With my first pregnancy I gained over 50 lbs. and my doctor just said "watch your weight it will be hard to get it off". I have gained 35 this time and am due any day now. I feel much better. The doctor was right it was hard to take off I was tiny in the beginning only 100lbs.


Jen - October 7

I have a theory that your body will just gain whatever it needs to gain to make a healthy baby. I also had my doctor tell me that I was gaining too much weight at the beginning of the second trimester (I gained 6lbs in 1 month), so I totally modified my diet and have been trying to eat healthy (as much as can be expected) and my weight has been all over the place. The following month I gained only 2lbs, then went back to 5lbs, then another 2lbs, and I gained 8lbs last month! When you add in the first trimester, that's a total of 26lbs and I am 34 weeks. I am only 5'4" and started out at 118. So don't let your doctor stress you out too much, just be aware of what you eat and nature will do the rest! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy!


Ca__sie - October 7

I am 31 weeks and have gained 40 lbs. Bah humbug! I totally only expected to gain 35 lbs (this is my first and I was so naive) but my doc said not to worry about it... I'll just have to work harder to get it off after the baby. I gained 9 lbs just last month alone! I really thought I was doing better, so now I've cut juice out of my diet entirely and only allow myself one soda a week. Otherwise, it is just water.... oh and a gla__s of orange juice each morning. Anyway, I agree with Jen. I think our bodies will gain what it needs for the baby.


To raychel - October 7

I gain 100 pounds while pregnant(heath issues) and my doctor never called me fat. Your doctor is an as*hole. You are not fat. 140, I wish to get near there now. Sorry, you feel bad. Your pregnancy weight will come off. Too bad your doctor's personality won't change (((hugs))


Tara - October 7

I can imagine it did i've had several comments made to me about a beached whale.fatty and the day i got married some girl was at the park and when i was walking to meet the preacher said oh my god she is fat..i of course was upset and wanted to smack that kids parents for raising an unmannered child but i just smiled and said no i'm pregnant...LOL i know how it can feel and it hurts but don't worry it just shows how uncaring some people can be.


pbj - October 7

I'm 33 weeks and I've already gained 45 lbs, my doctor never says a darn thing about it either. Believe me I always ask too, he just says if he has a problem he'll let me know. Are any of your doctors really young, cause I think a lot of new young doctors freak out about weight more than the older ones. My doctor is in his 50's-60's, he doesn't seem the least bit concerned about it and he knows I'm not exercising either. I say if you feel ok then you probably are, there's not a darn thing you can do about it now's not like you can go on a diet now. Good luck


Raychel - October 7

Thank yall so much for your comments. I would rather have a healthy baby, and Im not going to worry about my weight. Pbj, my doctor didn't look like a spring chicken. And u know, I gained 20 pds in the month of June alone, and the doctor I saw for my July visit (was a woman,) did not say one thing about my weight. I see a man doctor, and by the way Ive only gained 4 pds since my last visit in Sept., and he tells me Im getting too fat. Dont it figure? MEN!


Heidi - October 7

I'm at 38 wks and went from 118 to 164 so don't feel bad. My doc never really worries about it. She just doesn't want to see a major gain between visits but steady gains she said is fine. I'm all baby too! I can tell my body is holding tons of fluid too. It's in my feet, hands, thighs, calves, I feel like a water buffalo. I'm hoping soon after delivery that a lot of this goes away and I p__s it all out! Ha ha!


michele - October 8

I am 35 weeks when i had my very 1st appt. i weighed 98lbs which is my norm, I am now 172lbs& my doc told me I gained too much weight.I felt horrible about myself.I hope to loose it all quickly&look like myself again.



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