This Is Gross But I Gotta Know

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Mimi - July 30

okay, I'm coming up on 33 weeks, and about 2 weeks ago, I had went to the bathroom, and forgive me for being gross, but I wiped and I had quite a bit of yellowish "snot-like" stuff on the tissue, it took a couple of wipes to get it all, and I thought that was kinda weird. but there was no blood so i didn't think anything of it. I've had a dr. appointment after that, and all my dr. did was measure my stomach and check the heartbeat, and she said everything was great...I did not mention this to her, although i know i should have. I don't feel any different and I still feel the baby moving...was it my mucus plug and if it was, what does that mean and is 30-31 weeks too early to lose it?


Amber M. - July 30

Although I have not lost myne yet, I do know that "snot-like" stuff is definentely a sign of losing you mucus plug! I don't think it has to be blood tinged either!


lyn - July 30

did you have s_x before this happened?? like 2 or 3 days before?? because i get it a couple of days after we have s_x. when i got it the first time i asked my doctor and he said that was what it was and also you wont loose you mucus plug until about 2 weeks before delivery.


T. - July 30

I actually lost my mucous on my 35th week and I'm due on Tuesday. So it's been 4 weeks since I lost mine. I have been 3 cm dilated & 75% effaced since my 35th week also. I'd tell your doctor about it if I were you and they'll most likely check you to see if you've started dilating or effacing yet. Good luck!


Jbear - July 31

I've had that yellowish snot-like discharge for about two months now. I'm 35 weeks and it's been increasing a lot in the last couple of weeks. I know mine isn't from s_x, because I spot so much from s_x that it's been 7 weeks since we even attempted it.


amadna - August 1

losing your mucus plug is not a great indication of labor coming. you can loose it way before you go into labor. i wouldn't worry that its too early because labor could still be a ways off.



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