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BaByCrAzY - April 19

Early this morning, I got a really bad "Charlie Horse" in my leg. I walked around until it went away. However, all day in that same spot, my muscle feels really tight and a little sore. Should I be concerned?


miraclebaby - April 19

This is completely normal, I have been getting them all week sometimes 3 a night and my leg hurts all day, Doc. said drink lots of milk and eat bananas and it will help, not me I still get them Good luck


Laurabb4 - April 19

Hi, It is very normal to get these. When you get one pull your foot towards your knee. That will take it away. I agree with the banana's and milk idea.


mama3 - April 20

I pull my foot towards my knee, it does stop the pain within seconds. I drink 2-3 gla__ses of milk a day and i eat 2 bannana's a day. Though I have been still getting Charlie Horses every night for the last 2 wks. An I am very very sore there all day. My mom's dr told her to increase her starch. Potaotes work the best. Fresh not caned. I havent been able to get any yet this month and I do beleive thats why I am getting them again. Hope that helps some. I know it does really hurt. GL


Layla - April 20

I've been getting at least one a night lately. They are soooo painful. I have also read that banannas should help.


^lucy^ - April 20

yeah as the ladies said above, i heard this happens cz of lack of potasium (sp?).. bananas should help :)


LL - April 20

This has happened to me as well and it's very painful. I get cramps in my legs as well as my feet. The worst is when I'm driving and I get a cramp in my foot. It hurts so bad that I usually have to pull over and take my shoe off to stretch it out and one time I actually had to get out of the car and walk it off. They say it's because you’re lacking something in your diet but I'm not sure what. With my first pregnancy, 12 years ago, I had nighttime leg cramps so bad and my doctor always told me to take a few Tums before going to bed because of the calcium in them. Kind of weird because I've been drinking a lot of milk and I still get the cramps. I don’t think there’s any way to avoid them.


2Bamom - April 20

I wake up yelling in pain 3 times a night due to these leg cramps. I can't eat bananas because they do a number on my stomach.



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