This Kid Is In My Ribs

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gg - September 13

Get him out of there...his kicks hurt and I hear him hitting the ribs...what can I do? I am only 29 wks!


Kelly - September 13

Nothing try to push him down with your hand or lie down. Try to change the way your sitting. Theres not much you can do. Sorry. Good Luck


Heidi - September 13

I've been getting kicked in the ribs since I can remember. Her feet are always in the same spot. Under the right side of my ribcage. If I sit slouched she really digs in! I'm 34 wks. It just gets worse too! Then her hand is down by my bladder so sometimes she hits that and stretches at the same time so I get it in both places and almost pee my pants! How fun is that! That's how she was positioned at my ultrasound and I can tell she's still sitting like that.


gg - September 13

thats exactly how he is, when I lay down you can see his head to bottom left of my belly b___ton and trace out is back and b___t and his legs go to the right side of my ribs.


Heidi - September 13

Ow wow! I can't do that but some days when I lay down I notice a flat spot on my tummy. My doc said she's switching sides. Ha ha! But her feet and hand always stay in the same spot dammit! Some nights I've actually jumped cus I get kicked so hard! Scares the c___p out of me! Of course the DH never is around to witness the pain I'm in!!!!!


h - September 13

lol, i know exactly what your talking about and im olmost 37 weeks im afraid it just gets worse the good news is he's turned but kelly is right ma__saging that area it the best way to get him to back off good luck


Jessica F. - September 13

Change the position you are sitting or laying in. You can poke a prod gently in that area maybe it'll move him around. But other than that....Nothing.


Amy - September 13

Try putting a very cold washcloth on the spot where the baby is. It should make him move. If that doesn't work...I don't know. Good luck


Tigerphoenix - September 14

My little girl loves to put her feet right up into my ribcage and man does she dig in. It hurts so bad sometimes I get doubled over in pain. I found ma__saging where she is tends to get her to relax and sink down a bit (normaly just enough that it doesnt hurt anymore).


Heidi - September 14

Try stretching out or switching positions when it happens. I find that helps. She really digs in while I'm sitting at work. Like she wants me to get off my a__s and give her some room.



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