This Might Sound Like A Dumb Question

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amanda17 - May 25

So, I'm pregnant with my first child, and wondering about 'real' contractions. Everyone says they feel like severe period cramps. I basically just accepted that thought without stopping to think about it... until last night. I realized that I've only had period cramps twice when I first started my period. I don't remember what they feel like! Can someone describe them to me please?


javidsgirl - May 25

have you ever pulled a muscle and had those strong sharp pains? contractions are alot like that at least for me they were


fefer1 - May 25

hey amanda - it's hard to explain! but you'll feel it low in your stomach. As for the contractions,when you start to get the real thing, trust me, you will know!!! My sister told me that when I was pregnant with my daughter and until I actually got them I really could not have explained them. But, I did figure it out pretty quickly! They wont' go away if they are real and you can time them and they should get more painful as time goes by. Hope that helps!!


HeatherIsHopeful - May 25

thats not silly question Amanda, I have been wondering that too.. I have been having kinda mild period like cramps and sometimes I can just feel my stomach getting rock hard but I figure they aren't "real" Javidsgirl and fefer said we'll just "know" when it happens, at least I hope so.


sashasmama - May 27

It's a pain that starts right there above your pubic bone on the inside. It might not be very strong at first, but will get stronger and stronger, it might get nauseating. It feels as if someone was squeezing your uterus at the bottom of it. When your stomach gets hard without the pain then those are definitely Braxton Hicks, but as the labor day nears, those will get stronger and even painful. But the pain will not be bad, just uncomfortable. With real contractions the pain is kind of worrysome, because you haven't felt anything like it before (unless you have SEVERE period cramps when not prego). I woke up at 4 a.m. with a real contraction and almost cried. It'll start easy, then peak - that's when it hurts the most, then it'll start subsiding. All this while your belly is as hard as a rock. Then it'll repeat itself some time later...mine started at 20 minutes apart. Mostly for first time pregnancies the rule of thumb is - if it hurts pretty freakin' bad and you haven't felt that the entire pregnancy - then it's probably a real contraction (of course there are exclusions, don't want anyone getting mad)



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