Those Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

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chrisy - November 3

Okay, this is for fun. Let's talk about our wonderful very wierd pregnancy dreams. Last night I had a dream I was bleeding, I woke up and couldn't remember if I actually was bleeding(you know how we have to go to the bathroom 2 or three times a night or if it was a bad dream, it was only a dream!!) I also had a very vivid dream about me being a mom and holding our little girl.


Kelly K - November 3

I had one last night that I was fishing. Each time I'd catch something it would be a different kind of fish. Well the last one wasn't a fish. It looked like a mini dinosaur and kept biting and clawing me. I couldn't get my husband to help me get it off my hand so I finally had to grab it by the hook and pull it off. When I took the hook out it started purring and rubbing against me like a cat. It was WEIRD!


Chrisy - November 3

Wow, kelly k, I would have to say your dream tops mine!! Have you had dreams about being pregnant and falling constantly??


Angie - November 3

I had a dream last night that our baby grew super fast, like when he was a week old he was like a 3 year old. It was quite wierd.


klm - November 3

I keep dreaming he's a girl, but one time I dreamt that she was born with 3 feet on one leg and none on the other, it was just an exposed bone like a chicken drumstick or pork chop. I was upset and crying and my doctor kept telling me it was fine and perfectly normal and I got so mad at her. I woke up all worried.


Kelly K - November 3

I haven't had any dreams about falling. The only really scary one I've had was one where I was leaving Target and a guy out of nowhere just started shooting me. Needless to say.. I haven't been to Target since.


Lena - November 3

Hahaha, that's a funny one about the dinosaur fish. I once had a dream that our baby was born a kitten. I also keep having dreams that our baby girl can already walk and talk even though she was just born. It's weird. Sometimes I'd have nightmares, and I would wake up from them breathing hard, and my heart would be beating super fast.


hunee - November 3

I had a dream the other night that i was in labour and I gave birth to a microwave and when they opened the microwave door the baby was inside


Ca__sie - November 3

I had a dream last night that some guy stabbed me in the stomach with a two-pronged pitch fork! :-( I've also had lots of dreams having to do with hubby. Either he's cheating on me or I'm married to someone else. I hate those dreams. I wake up so mad! Oh, and I've had lots of baby dreams as well. The latest one was of me giving birth and having no pain whatsoever. Awesome.


Natalie - November 3

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I had a dream about me holding my little girl and she was wrapped in a pink blanket, when I looked down at her it was a baby E.T! That dream really shook me up! I was very happy when I finally delivered and saw she looked nothing like E.T! :)


Kaeli - November 4

I had a dream last night that my baby boy was born with teeth! He was this little infant with adult size teeth.. freaked me out!


Michelle - November 4

I had the weirdest dream last night that some pyscho lady was trying to choke me. Really kinda erie dream. Couldn't go back to sleep for a while.


Swtpea - November 4

This is a good forum post... one we can all relate too, and sit here and laugh at ourselves!! LoL. I have had many weird dreams,... Anywhere from my b/f cheating on me, to being in bootcamp for the military, to meeting up with Old old high school friends. Last night was pretty good tho, lol, .... In my dream I knew I was having a boy, but there's this lil test ... kinda like a lil video game on a computer you take, to find out the "race" of your baby. (dont take that wrong, I am by far one of the most peaceful and equal people, I serve no prejudice for it is notmy place to do so.) Its not like in my dream it was a 'concern'.... just another test we took as pregnant ladies. BUT every time I'd get close to results lol, I'd wake up. It had me captured, I kept wanting to fall back asleep and finish my test. ... lol. Wasnt a scary or gross dream... but it definately caught my attn. =o) SwtDrms ALL


melissa - November 4

i also had a dream the other night that i just made it to the hospital and delivered the baby in no time, with no pain. i'm told my friend who just had her baby had a similar dream before her labor, but alas, she did have pain. wishful thinking-or dreaming-i'm sure! ;)



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