Those Who Ve Had Babies First Babies Early Or Late

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DaBonkElsMe - November 28

Just wondering how many first time moms went passed their due date, and how many went before?? Were you dialted or effaced early??


January - November 28

With my DS 11yrs ago, I had him at 35wks 3 days.. this one, my second, I was induced with her at 37wks 1 day.


KRISTINA - November 28

With my first I was due on April 25th and he was forced out on May 8th. I dialated to about 2 cm weeks before he was due and then didnt dialate anymore until I went into labor. I dont know if I was effaced. My water broke on its own though. BUT HE STILL WOULDNT COME OUT!!! lol. So after 2 days of labor I had a c-section.


AmberNicole - November 28

With my ds (my first) I had him at 36 weeks. My water started leaking after my first internal exam...and two days later he was born by c-section. I'm almost 36 weeks with this little girl, and at my appt. yesterday, the dr. said she is very low and I'm likely to go into labor anytime. I'm not dilated at all, but I never dilated to even 1cm with my ds, so every woman is different.


jessieb - November 28

I starting dilating at my 36 week appt. I was 1 cm then but didn't have her till i was 4 days overdue. I also, didn't make it past 1 cm till after 30 hours of labor!!! I started contracting regularly, that was how my labor started. Water broke about thirty hours into it as well.


Brendansmom - November 28

With ds my water broke 8 days before my due date. I had been dilated 1 cm for a week. Then after 17 hours of very little progress, I think I made it to 4 cm., I had a c-section.


sfrog68 - November 28

With my ds almost 12 yrs ago, he was over due 8 days. My water broke during s_x (sorry if tmi) but he finally decided to join us 19 1/2 hrs later. I was not dilated or enfaced that I can remember. With my 2nd 12 wks ago she came at 35w3d.


DaBonkElsMe - November 28

Thanks ladies, I know everyone's different, but the reason I asked this is b/c when they say MOST women go past their due dates with their first, it made me wonder how many that is exactly, since so many women on here seem to go early!


LIN - November 28

I was sure I'd have my baby early, because my identical twin sister's came 3 weeks early and 2 of my mom's 3 pregnancies were 3 weeks early. Of course, in reality there's no genetic correlation, but my son ended up showing up 5 weeks early anyway. While the odds of having your labor start by your water breaking are only around 11%, both my sister and I started labor that way. Mine was the stereotypical pop-splash water breaking scenario, too (though not in a public place, thankfully!).


lil-miss-saunders - November 29

Heya, i have no idea if i was dilated or effaced early but i had my baby girl 10 days ago and she was 3 days late. Everyone thought i would give birth early but i dont think 3 days late is really that bad. Good luck x


DaBonkElsMe - November 29

Well, I was perfectly ready to go past my due date I was not anxious at all, but now that I had 2 internals, my doctors keep saying they think I will go a little early. Like 2 to 6 days early. So now they have my hopes up!! They are saying that b/c everything has been happening right on or before schedule throughout my whole pregnancy, and now i am dialating and the baby is way down low, at -1. BUT they also guesstimate that he is only about 6lbs! So who knows. I asked her to give me her professional opinion about this so it's my fault that I am getting all anxious now!!


sahmof3 - November 29

My first was born just a day shy of 42 weeks. I wasn't dilated or effaced and even after 2 weeks overdue, being induced with Pitocin and being in labor for 24 hours I still wasn't dilated or effaced. I hadn't had a 20 week u/s with him or I would have found out (as I did with my next baby at the 20 week u/s) that I have scar tissue on my cervix from a previous miscarriage, D&C and infection and that's why I never dilated. My next two were scheduled c-sections, so they were before my due date each time. 38 weeks, 4 days and 39 weeks, 4 days... no signs of labor at the time of those c-sections.


josie4 - November 29

I had my baby four days early. I was about a cm and maybe a little effaced (I just checked myself). My cervix had been that way since 35 weeks.


Faye84 - November 29

I was 38 weeks when My water broke. I was at two CM and 100% effaced. ( i had been at 2cm for about two weeks prior) I ended up having to get pictocin because my labor wasnt progressing. was in labor for 26 hours. ( I was a first time mom)


javidsgirl - November 29

i had my dd at 39 weeks i had a induction because of pre-clam. she was 7lbs 15oz


jeni23 - November 29

With my first I went 5 days past my dd,with my second I went to 39w1 day,with my 3rd I went to 38w 2 days.Good luck.


DaBonkElsMe - November 29

It seems to be half and half from those of you who responded!! I have three friends who have recently had their first babies, all went early! Oh well, I know there's really no way to know. I'll just have to wait and see what happens! Thanks again ladies!



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