Three Different Due Dates

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Swtpea - October 12

From the beginning I told my doctor of my Last Cycle Date, for some reason she still insisted on me going to get an ultra sound done to measure the baby for due date. Between the 3 measured ultrasounds, the doctors calculations and what not, I've heard three diff dates. From Mid. Nov. To mid Jan 06, to mid Dec. LoL, I have short cycles, maybe 21 days between each and they last 2-3 days only. So I dont know how that plays in there, but .... I'm a little confused. lol, and unsure of when to plan on taking time off from work. As for now, at my last visit the doctor wrote down Jan. 05/06 for the due date. But as November approaches, even december... I wonder... specially when people say I look further along than I say... (how nice huh, lol, telling me i'm huge... rofl). Anyways, anyone else have similar issues?


Tanyav - October 12

Those are big differences in due dates. I would understand maybe a couple of weeks but not two months off. That's got to suck. Well if I were you I would go with Jan 06 and if it does come early it will be a nice surprise.


L - October 12

You sound like me almost exactly! My due date has been calculated from Nov 8 to Jan 10, including Dec 8 and Dec 30 LOL. The first calculation of Dec 8th was based on last cycle then they thought I was FURTHER along and my due date was more like Nov 8th and that I had probably had one cycle after conceiving so they ordered an u/s. At the ultra sound the tech changed my date to Jan 10! For the last three months I have measured at least 8 weeks ahead and so my OB ordered another u/s and now my due date is Dec 30 according to the u/s doctor. I am still measuring 8 or more weeks ahead and the baby measures in the 98th percentile for size and development. (All the babies in our families have been 5 - 6 lb 11 oz full term). I have been going to the doctor every 2 weeks since my 22 week (according to the u/s) and have another u/s scheduled every 4 weeks. I think they are almost as confused as I am. All the tests have come back good though (no glucose or fluid problems and the baby is doing great). The u/s doctor and my OB both say "Well, babies come when they want to so maybe she'll just be earlier than some." I think they just make educated guesses and sometimes people being so individually, we just don't fit their criteria. LOL


Ashlie - October 13

I have 3 due dates too.. MP says October 15th, US #1 says Nov 2nd and US #2 says Oct 30th, only about 2 wks difference, and I am measuring 2wks bigger but they are still going by the latest due date.. oh well..


Julie - October 13

I have never heard of such a thing. My doctor told me according to my lmp Oct. 13th and the ultrasound Dr. said my doctor was exactly right.


Lesley - October 13

I was given 21st September by my period dates, but 23rd October by scan dates. That is almost 5 weeks and it's got me so worried. If the baby is in for too long it will start losing oxygen and possible die. I demand to be seen evey couple of days by my midwife now to make sure the heartbeat is strong and everything is fine.


Julie - October 13

If you don't mind me asking what kind of scans did you ladies have? I had a level II ultrasound done by a special doctor. He measures everything from the brain to the leg bones is right on for due dates. I had the same doctor with my first pregnancy. I just don't understand how they can be off by 5 weeks? What about your measurements?


Swtpea - October 13

I had several ultrasounds done as I was having a problem with my placenta not moving until the 24th week, so I went in once a monthfor an u/s. I had what they call the LVL 2 u/s Twice, several measurements of legs/arms/head/rearend... etc etc. both those came to match dates (naturally), but the one after that which was like a 5 min sit down they got a diff date, and going from my last cycle both those are different from it. The doctor is going with end of dec, first week of jan for now. I go in again Mon. To have further tests and measurements. So we'll see where I'm at there. *shrugs* Its not a huge concernt for me, i just want to know so i can estimate time off... with nearly 6-7wks between the earliest estimate to the latest, its kinda hard to do that. LoL.



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