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softbreeze200 - February 22

I posted in the second Tri boards, but thought that maybe some of you ladies might have some good advice as well.Ok so here is my situation. Two years ago my husband and I were in a n accident with a semi truck that lost a set of it's dual wheels that came off his trailer and came through the front of our truck. I have been in physio since then and have been feeling like I was back to normal as far as my back and joints go. We wanted my back to be strong before I got pregnant and I was there. But then on Wed, I decided that I would try to stop taking my prescribed anti-nausea pills (thought it was passed) and nope I was wrong. I was violently sick all night and all day thursday, throwing up every half hour or so. Now that I am back on them I am back to feeling decent, but my lower back is screwed. I can barley stand straight or stand on one foot. I am so worried that I am now going to have severe back problems for the rest of this pregnancy. Anyone have experience with bad backs during their pregnancies and how you dealt with them. I can't get in to see the doc till mon. Thanks gals. This can't put my baby in danger can it? I am 16w2d today.


jennifer_33106 - February 22

You know what might help you? My doctor told me all through out pregnancy to get a belly support belt thing. I never did cuz I havnt had bad back aches. But it is supposed to pick up your tummy and help support the weight instead of having your back do all the work. I am not sure what the correct name for them are. Hopefully someone here does otherwise you could go to motherhood maternity and ask about them there. Those might be very beneficial for you and maybe ease the pain your back a little. Also try taking warm baths with epsom salts. That makes me feel better. GL and I hope things ease up for you!


mahagen - February 22

Hi, sorry to hear your back is in severe pain. Yes Jennifer is right, it's called a maternity belt and they come in 3 sizes (s, m,l) I would highly suggest to get one of those too. I use one and it really helps alot and fells good. I do want to let you know that when you purchase a belt to make sure it is a size that will fit you through your whole pregnancy. I am usually a medium but my belly got a lot bigger then expected so I could have really used a large to make things more comfortable for me. Also try a hot pad on your back and what Jennifer said about warm bath/shower. It shouldn't harm the baby with your back pain but it will definitely make you uncomfortable and stressed out which could cause you to go into early labor but more then likely not. Hope that helps. GL and take care.


softbreeze200 - February 22

Thankyou very much ladies. I do really appreciate all of your advice. I will look into the maternity belts and will continue with the warm baths and showers. I wish you both healthy and happy pregnacies!! :o)


SuperMom - March 17

Google Bed-Pal maternity straps This will help out in bed...feel better girlfriend!



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