Thunderstorms Induce Labor

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samantha_ccg - August 23

my mom used to say that a thunderstorm can induce labor...i was wondering if that is true or anyone gone into labor because of a thunderstorm?


Cabbie - August 23

My DOCTOR told me the same thing. I went into her office for a regular appt at 37/38 weeks. I was having some BH and was all swollen. She told me I didn't look right and since storms bring on labor and I live 70 miles away, she was sending me to the hospital to be put on a monitor. I went into labor with contractions less than five minutes apart within 30 mins of hooking up at the hospital. I had my son that night. I'm sure it is a wives tale but thought it was funny for my dr to quote it.


flower.momma - August 24

Actually some people say that a it is because of the change in barometric pressure. I don't know if this is true, but I guess it could be logical. I saw a doc_mentary on hurricane Andrew, and they talked about this phenomenon. Any major change in pressure can bring on labor (if the mom is ready of course).


Seredetia - August 24

Makes sense, honestly. The pressure is the reason why they don't want you to fly later in pregnancy as well. They do not want to deliver a bunch of babies! ;) And what city would you put on the birth certificate, anyway? LOL.


k. - August 24

I never heard that before, too funny! I am only 29 1/2 weeks and we had a huge thunderstorm here yesterday, glad nothing happended.... but really, it do make sense....


christiekay - August 25

Im seven days overdue, and 2 days ago my house was broken into my car with the pushchair and car seat was stolen, as well as the emergency taxi money and mobile phones and loads of little stuff you don't realise. The police were around all the next day on and off and i haven't stopped crying since (we were asleep upstairs when it happened). IF THAT DIDN'T SET ME OFF I DON'T THINK A THUNDERSTORM WOULD!!!!!! I had to have a cervical sweep this morning to try and get me started, next week they are putting me in for an induction.



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