Tide And Clean Soapy Water

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Tanya2 - June 15

I'm almoast 29 weeks and anytime I do laundry, do dishes or take a shower with body wash, I want to eat the clean soapy lathered water. I had the same cravings with my first pregnancy. Anyone else feeling this way? I sometimes just taste a little bit of it when I shower because my mouth just waters up and I want it so bad.


mcatherine - June 15

Isn't this a condition called pica? Like how some women crave ice during pregnancy? Low iron deficiencies is what it often means.


Deb - June 16

This is definitely a pica craving. I too have heard that they think it is caused by low iron. I would tell your doctor so that they can give you advice.


Mingill - June 16

I would agree, it sounds like pica to me too. Tell your doctor, in the third tri our iron needs go up, so you might need more.


Tanya2 - June 16

Thanks for your input ladies. I never even thought that it was something to worry about. I also crave ice as well. I had the same cravings with my daughter last year. I also craved ice. I didn't even mention it to my doctor since i thought it was just some silly cravings. My doctor did tell me in the begining that I was low in iron since I had just had my baby and to take vitamin supplements but anytime I take any pills i throw them up so i stopped taking them. I will mention it to my OB next time. Maybe there is a drink i can take with iron, there is no way i'm taking pills. What happens if your body is low in iron? What are the side effects? I feel completely fine just sometimes a bit tired but I think its because I have an 8 month old that takes up much of my energy. Thanks again ladies.


mcatherine - June 16

There are several iron supplements that you can get at health food stores that aren't in pill form. Also, red meat (especially when combined with veggies) is a great source of iron and is absorbed quickly. Alot of cereals have added iron - another good source is fruits, nuts and eggs and beans. Make sure you get about 30 to 60 mg per day - which is almost three times the normal level that a non-pregnant woman needs! I never had the soap craving, but as an avid ice eater during pregnancy, I can tell you that it is an indication of low iron. When I hit week 27, I added an extra iron supplement along with my prenatal to prevent anemia. At this stage, it'll be hard to distingush between third tri tiredness and chasing an 8 month old, but if they are that concerned they can check your iron levels through bloodwork. You really should tell your doctor about it. Good thing is - it goes away when baby is born. My doc threatened to call my dentist if I didn't stop with the ice!!


Tanya2 - June 16

mcatherine, Thanks for all your advice, I have my docs appointment in 2 weeks, will mention it to her then. I remember with my first blood test my family doc said I was low in iron but that had to do with the fact that I had just had a baby. Thanks so much for your input.


mcatherine - June 16

Your welcome. Hope all goes well!


jenn82 - June 18

OH MY GOD!! I thought i was the only one, thought i was going mad or something!!! I find i cant get enough of soapy foamy cleaning products, it drives me mad cause i just clean all the time!im glad ive now found a reason for it now i think i better see my doc too!!!!!!!!!


Tanya2 - June 18

jenn82, I'm glad I"m not the only one too, I just thought itw as a normal pregnancy thing like having certain cravings. I had the same thing last pregnancy, I didn't inform my doctor since I didn't think it was a big deal. Hope you are ok and are not too weak. I'm good as long as I have a good nights sleep.



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