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alverran - July 7

Hello Ladies Somewhat of a silly question. I am currently at 34 weeks and my next scheduled appointment is not until 37 weeks, is this normal? I'm just wondering how long in between each appointment the closer you get to delievery it should be. My pregnancy has been good so far no complications, I'm not sure if this is a contributing factor. In information you may have is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


dy - July 7

i'm 34 weeks too and my appointments are every two weeks, my pregnancy has been fine as well


alverran - July 7

Dy, so this would mean it should be at 36 weeks vs. 37? I thought it was a long time, but I don't want to sound like a "bad patient".


mommie2be - July 7

My doctor said they usually like to go weekly starting 36 weeks. I guess give or take a week is okay... not sure. Since you're doing well, the doctor may not be too worried about rushing you to weeklies. Good luck!


Patti - July 7

I started seeing the Dr. every two weeks at 28 weeks. However, he told me I could wait 3 weeks in between because I was doing well and there were no complications. I start going once a week at 36 weeks. Also, I have different Drs. at one practice. Some of them start internals at 36 weeks and some start them at 37. Alverran, I think it just means you're doing well and unless there's a problem you can wait 3 weeks.


Erynn21 - July 7

My doctor started seeing me every 2 weeks @ 27 wks. she said that if I went 3 it would be okay because I have no complications, so I had an appt. cancelled last week and won't have another until next week. I think I'll be fine, but @ 36wks I'll be going weekly.


Atarahsmommy - July 7

My doctor kept me at 4 weeks untill 36 weeks (I missed the app. and went at 37 weeks though) and then started with every 2 weeks, so my next appointment is next week at 39 weeks, and then I'll go again at 41 weeks. I had the same question when I went in at 32 weeks and they said see you in 4 weeks. But I have had a very good pregnancy without ANY problems, so that could be why


livdea - July 7

yeah, I've gone 2-3 weeks in between appointments, as long as everything is fine they don't make a big deal about it!


alverran - July 7

Thank you mommie2be, Erynn21, Patti, liveda and Atarahsmommy I apprciate it.. I think I like the rea__surance of hearing the heart beat etc. It was the front desk (reception) that scheduled this. It's a military hospital. I don't see one particular doctor (though I wish I could). Anyhow, I appreciate your responses. Thanks again.


littlemama1022 - July 7

I'm 33 weeks and my appointments are every 2 weeks. I was told when I am 36 weeks, I will have to come in every week until delivery.


littlemama1022 - July 7

BTW, I haven't had and complications



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