Time Goes By So Slowly

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Lisa Marie - June 23

Is anyone else feeling like 9 months is lasting a lifetime??? Everyone around me keeps saying that my pregnancy is flying by but for me it seems to be taking an eternity!! 3 more months to go and it feels like forever, im getting a bit frustrated lol. Anyone else feeling like this?? x


Tanna - June 23

My first two pregnancies seemed to go by slowly. This one is actually flying by for me. Not sure if it is because I already have two to chase around, or if it has something to do with the fact that I am still in shock about even being pregnant.


knpandrews - June 23

My pregnancy is going by very slowly for me as I have been extemely sick with morning sickness from wk. 8 on. How far along are you??? 3 More months is not that long if you look at everything you need to get ready and settled before baby comes. I totally understand about slow though... even though friends and family say its flying by i feel like its an eternity every morning when i am sick i feel like its a whole day... however, I still thank my lucky stars every morning as I do get sick that I am pregnant. Be thankful and patient honey.


Lisa Marie - June 23

Im 27 weeks now and i am absolutely loving being pregnant - and every day i try to tell myself to just enjoy the fact that i am pregnant and that i feel very well.... my sickness stopped at 12 weeks and aside from spending 2 weeks in bed with a trapped nerve ive been fine!!! i guess im just impatient to meet our baby!! lol. how far are you both?? when is your due date?? everything ready for the arrival of your little bundles??


Tanna - June 23

I am in week 31, due August 28. I got rid of everything baby that I had, because I thought I was done. I am not really ready for this one yet. Still trying to replenish my stock, so to speak. Also, my house is actually too small for another child, so I am having a hard time working out the bedroom situation, and my two year old who is VERY wild, still sleeps in her crib for me and has a nice sleep schedule. Now She has to be moved to a toddler bed sooner than I was hoping (since it's better and safer having her contained in the crib), and she needs to share a room with big brother, who does not have as nice a sleep schedule. Things are screwey for me!


1Sttimemomy - June 25

i know what you mean i hate being pregnant i have 3 more months also and each second of everyday feels like forEVER i am due sept.6,06 i want to have my baby at 37 weeks if he is fully developed and healthy i had one of thoose 3d ultrasound last thursday and the said the baby chest is moving he is practicing breathing we could see his eye following a source of light and they said he looks really good and is very healthy.so i hope i go early and everything goes ok.what should we do to make the time go by faster???


Colie - June 25

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm 32 wks pregnant. Lately I've been very depressed and feeling so down on myself. I honestly don't know what to do. I am 18 and pregnant. I've felt SO ashamed through the whole pregnancy I really haven't ever been happy. I've been told being pregnant is supposed to be a wonerful thing and one of the happiest things in your life. My boyfriend of three years and I are planning to get married after he finishes school, and I am going to the community college in January. I feel like I have a lot to do and no energy to do it all. I need advice, I'm pushing him away when I need him most and I'm losing him. I haven't been the easiet person to talk to or get along with and he's almost had it. I feel so isolated. He's been my major support through my pregnancy and i love him. He works a full time job 40-60 hours a week and we barely see eachother let alone talk. When we do we argue, there's never a kind word said. What can I do!? Please help. I'm at my wits end. I'm so unhappy and lonely.


Tanna - June 25

Colie, sounds like you may want to consider taking pre-cautionary steps for post-partum depression. I would highly recommend you discuss your feelings with your Dr.


fefer1 - June 27

My first 4 months were soooo slow because I was extremely sick, the next two flew by and now, with 10 weeks to go it feels like it is dragging. It seems like there's nothing new to read about pregnancy as I've read it all. It's just time to sit and wait for the baby to arrive! The hot summer we're having isn't helping either. I'm also dealing with pelvic p ain, tailbone pain, sore feet and a stuffy nose. That might make things seem to drag now too!


Chrissythefairy - June 27

im soo with you, im 28 w 5 d and i cant wait everyone keeps telling me its going so fast but not to me. I have been dealing with alot of problems from morning sickness and HORRIBLE acid reflux. Im really counting down the days to my due date.


mcatherine - June 27

Tell yourselves how many weeks you have left, not months! Weeks make it seem so much shorter even though there are more of them. It's a mind trick, but has been working for me lately. Ten weeks left to go... See? Sounds much shorter than two and a half months left...


Tanya2 - June 27

With my first pregnancy I found that time was not moving. Now I have a 9 month old and i am 30wks due Sept 2nd and boy is time flying. I don't know where my day goes. I'm so busy, my little one sleeps well though, 11-12 hrs a night so I have my evenings off. My best advice is to enjoy yourself, relax and do things for you because once the little one comes you sure won't complain about time, there won't be enough time in the day then. Good luck.


jmarshall69_87 - June 27

i have under 4 weeks until my due date and every night i tell my husband to get the baby out. it seems like it will go forever but it has to come out eventually. im just too excited and want baby now!


falafal0 - June 27

I feel the same way as almost everyone who's posted here...we too have an extremely small house with out two oldest boys already sharing bunks while our DH has the smallest bedroom to herself. Our room has my DH expensive racer bike and the computer in it, with NOWHERE to put a cot. I've told him he has to move the bike somewhere else, but where?! I don't want it out in the shed or outside either...I said it'll have to be stored at his mothers. I'm almost 33 wks now and feel like I have to drag myself through every day. When I meet with my other pregnant friends, I alwas tell them that the time has flown past for me, but I know it's going SO slowly for them. WE all feel the same way. Luckily we know that here will b an end, it's just a long way off!



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