Tingly Fingers

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Kims_new_belly - January 31

Hi Ladies...I am 32 weeks along..lately for the last week my finger tips have been numb,,,,just on my right hand though...kinda wierd,,,,,,I asked my doc and he's said its normal b/c I've been retaining water like crazy.....my hands fell asleep easy at night but now finger tips numb......anyone else have this happening to them?


Danielle26 - January 31

I have. I've been told it's because of the swelling in the tendons and ligaments in the wrist during pregnancy. Not everyone gets it, and for me it comes and goes. Once we're done (12 days left for me), then it will go away. Good luck!


Diann - February 1

I'm 29 1/2 wks along and have 3 fingers (middle to the pinky on the right hand) and 2 on the other hands, they feel like they are just waking up from falling asleep all the time. it even hurts to make a fist, type or use the mouse. my hands and feet both fall asleep while i'm sleeping which is totally painful. I thought it was due to my high blood pressure but i've been on meds for it for 4 wks and my hands are no better. they actually got worse when i forgot to take my med. so being tried of the pain i scheduled an appt with a physiotheropist to see if he could help. i know this will all go away once the bean is born but i need some sort of comfort now! i'll let you know if the theropist has any encouraging words.


MB - February 1

Hi all, i am almost 38 weeks and went to doc appointment today , i told her about constant swelling in my feet, legs & hands (even though my bp is fine) and the pain in my hands !!! it feels like i am getting arthiritis, she says that to help with swelling use support stockings and the pain in my hands is carpal tunnel syndrome it is very common and goes away once you have baby, also to get a wrist support for your hand. Dont know whether this is helpfull to you all. Good luck.


Kims_new_belly - February 1

Thanks everyone.......anything helps.....even words of encouragment...... :) I have another dr appt tomorrow.....I'm sure it will all be the same thing ....


Diann - February 2

Hey all. I went for my appt w/ theropist. I went into the appt with swollen feet. he spent an hour working on my neck, arms and hands as well as my legs and feet. It was painful but the results are worth it. when the appt was done my feet were no longer swollen, my shoes fit!!!!!!! And for the first night in a long time neither my hands nor feet fell asleep while sleeping. I have feeling in my hands again, not total but a lot better then it was before hand. if you can try and go get a ma__sage or mani cure and pedicure, something that gets the blood flowing. take care



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