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afireinsideamanda - August 8

TINK- EXPECTANT MOTHER PARKING??? WHERE ARE YOU FROM!??! ive never seen that. itd be nice in walmart, those parking lots are FULL of people. how would they enforce only preggo women park there?? i think you should be able to get something like a handicap rearview mirror hanger from your ob when you get pregnant saying you can park in places like that. i wish we had more. walmart is exhausting. those parking lots are HUGE. and when youre 32 weeks pregnant or worse, walking even five feet is exhausting... we should pet_tion! lol. and enforce my idea with the damned hangers!


heather28 - August 8

We have expectant mother parking at the commissary on base. They used to have it at the mall back home in Alabama, but I don't know about that now.


fitzerin - August 8

They used to have that at the baby's r us by me...but they took it out a few years ago. i was so looking forward to parking there!


moescrilla - August 8

they have the "expectant mother and mothers with small children parking" at our babies r us and our mall (one of them, the others I dont think have it) Theres really no way to enforce it though. Anyone can claim their pregnant! I mean, when you're two months preggo you're really not showing, so I'm sure people just lie if questioned.


heather28 - August 8

I didn't start using the expectant mother parking until I was obviously pregnant. At first I felt I didn't need it. Now I use it b/c I'm 32 weeks and waddle like a freaking duck. :-) But I thik every place should have the spots and I think your doctor should give you a thing to put in your car. But I think you shouldn't get it until you reach a certain point in your pregnancy or you have complications.


momma3tobe - August 8

There is expectant mother parking at some places around here but I don't use it unless I have my other two kids with me. If I go out shopping alone I don't mind walking a little extra.


qdogs_navywife3 - August 8

heather28: what base are you stationed at... Im in Great Lakes.. I wish they had expectant mother parking there the lot is always full. Most Simon malls have it though. You just have to look hard for them.


docbytch - August 8

I've only seen it at a mall near where we live.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 8

They have them at my local mall...pretty convienent when you can get one. DH honks and gets mad at people who park there and aren't pregnant or don't have kids. Most people just use them to their advantage where I am from. Mainly teenage guys...so even tho we have them, they still get used by other people more then expectant mothers


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 8

But I'm with momma3tobe, I don't mind the walking, DH just finds it as a free ride for him...so I say he can walk lol


heather28 - August 8

qdogs- We're at Camp Lejeune


Tink - August 9

i am in dallas, tx, well a suburb just north of it and one walmart near me is in a high end area- blocks from where troy aikman and other cowboys etc. live in a country club area. so they built this 'high-end' walmart that has high end gourmet food etc. that is the only wal mart i have ever sene the parking at though.


lissica - August 9

We have one of those signs at our mall .I actually pulled in to use it the other day for the first time since now i'm 32wks and feel justified. Well in small print it says to get a ticket from inside the mall to place on your front dash confirming your pregnant. So it's not convenient at all!! You gotta park,go in the mall to find this place,then back out to the car to place the ticket and then back into the mall. What a gyp!!


dales76 - August 9

I tell you what...I think that everywhere should have a young children parking area more than a pregnancy parking area. I think that if you have car seat(s) in your car there should definitely be an area close to the shops/ mall. Its SO much harder to get around once you have the babies than when youre pregnant...but then again, its hard when youre pregnant too, so they should have parking for pregnant people, parents with young children and handicapped all in the same area.


momma3tobe - August 9

Amen dales76... getting in a store while pregnant is a breeze compared to trying to unload a carseat, my 1st two were 10 months apart so I had two that couldn't walk and had to carry one on each hip across the Walmart parking lot.. then to see so many people who park in the handicap spot just get out and stroll on in.. grr


tori205 - August 9

it seems every time we go to walmart or other stores with pregnant women parking those spots are always taken. what are the chances?? it makes me mad...esp when im having a bad day...pple are so rude and as someone said, how can you enforce those spaces when some women may not show or perhaps obese and can just lie about it?


Shannon - August 10

back when i was living in upstate NY a bunch of stores, including Walmart, had "expectant mother" or "stork" parking. people were usually good about respecting it too. but every once in a while you'd see some jack-a__s GUY in some huge freakin' SUV park in it or something like that. it'd p__s me off too! but now that i've moved to the west coast you don't see the parking ANYWHERE!!



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