Tired Of Being Pregnant

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vanessa - January 17

h__lo,i am 33 weeks and cant stand being pregnant any longer!! i feel like mentally and physically im just drained i dont feel like cleaning or being nice to my husband what is wrong with me?? its like i have stress because the house is soo dirty all the time-well not dirty-but the base boards are and behind things is real dusty i have no family in texas they are all in florida what should i do?? just say forget it and let all that dust collect-im too fat to do anything!! help me


t - January 17

i felt the same the way you did now i am about 36 weeks and still feel like that. I hurt though all the time i cant even walk cause the baby is so low it hurts but you should try to talk with your dr or your husband and see if your husband can work with you you dont have that much time anyways left


Tracey - January 17

Absolutely nothing is wrong with you! You're pregnant! I'm also 33 weeks and feel the same way most of the time. I don't have enough energy to clean (which bugs me as well) and my husband gets on my nerves quite a bit most of the time. The way I try to work around it is to try to get my husband to help me with the housework. He's not much on doing it alone, but if we gang up, it's not as much work on my end and I try to get him to help me tackle one small project a day. Yesterday we folded and put away all the laundry, the day before we cleaned the bathrooms together (which when you do it together only takes 10 minutes). Just explain to your hubby that you really want to keep up on the housework and you're willing to help but you can't do it alone. Maybe in one evening, he can clean the baseboards(since you obviously can't bend) and you can wipe down counters or whatever. If you try to work as a team, it's not as big a job for anyone and it should hopefully lower your stress level a little. Hope this helps you out somewhat. I know it did for me. Also, it gave me an incentive to be nice to my guy even though I don't feel like it half the time.


Kerry - January 17

Hi I'm only 31 weeeks and I'm feeling the same way we are doing the babys room now we gutted the whole room and are starting from scratch I feel my husband is not doing as much as he should as I'm afraid the baby will be here before the room is done.I'm very moody and sometimes I can't hardly stand my husband he gets on my last nerve I feel like I'm nuts I can't hate my husband.


Nicole - January 21

Hey vanessa--I know exactly how you feel---I'm 29 weeks and I feel HORRIBLE all the time; tired, and everything hurts...and is it just me, but does no one seem to care?? By the way, I'm in Texas too---what part of TX are you from?


Des - January 23

I don't think any one cares and he's always getting on my nerves to. Im 38 wks and all through my pregnancy Iv had his mother and two sisters ganging up on me, threatening to get my kids taken away and wanting a paternity test because they (when there mad) don't think the baby is his. They buy the baby tons of expencive gifts. The first time I got rid of the little stuff to get rid of the bad feeling of looking at the c___p and hating them. Now everybody is calm and found out that I got rid of the stuff and the mother and sister told the oldest sister so she now wants to come down and kick my a__s among other words and insults. Sorry for going off, but the point is if you have feelings nobody (not even the father of the baby who can only think I can't believe what my sister said about ME, Which was nothing compared) cares about your really strong feelings. At least once a month somthing happens with these people that I feel like I need to be locked up in a padded cell because there is no excape from the insanes.


brooke - January 24

I am 34 weeks, and I went through a clean freak stage, but now I am feeling the same. And I'm so d__n emotional I can't control it. I cry all the time for the stupidest things. I am definately tired of being preg too. You aren't alone!


Rachel - January 25

I am 32 weeks and for the last few i have been a nightmare to live with. im tired, uncomfortable, emotional and cant stop cleaning. I worry about everything all the time and get upset with my partner. I wish i was full term and ready to give birth. I'm sure this normal at this stage but it can be quite lonely.


michelle - January 26

i feel you girl. i am 34 weeks pregnant and am too so over it already. my baby is just over 4 lbs and dont want him to come early, but dont feel like i can take it anymore. i also just got sick this week with bronchitis which is not helping matters. If we can just hang in a few more weeks, im sure it will all be worth it. im hoping to deliver around 37 weeks to be safe, wish you could plan it like that. hee hee.


Melissa - January 26

Hello All! I am 32 weeks, with my 3rd, and I am soooooo tired of being pregnant! I love being pregnant, but I am so exhausted and am glad that other women are feeling the same way! Sometimes I feel guilty for feeling like I don't want to be pregnant anymore. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, boys, and having to take care of them, the house and my husband is getting the best of me. I have decided to do the best I can and set aside time for myself each day. Tonite, for instance, I took a nice long shower, with the door shut and no other children running in and out of the bathroom. Then I pampered myself with lotion and so on and I do feel much better. I am able to stay home with my boys, so each day I put them both down for a nap and I take a nap as well. It is my favorite part of the day! I sure don't feel like it, but I am going to force myself to get out of the house for a walk everyday the weather permits. I think I will feel better and also get a jump start on getting my body back! Hang in there ladies! It is all worth it in the end.


E - January 27

Are/have any of you experienced multiple contractions (several in 1 hour - minutes apart) that did not seem normal? I am 31 weeks and last night, I would have sworn I was going into labor. I am hoping that other women have experienced this as well, and not acutally had their baby preterm. No fluids leaking or anything else, just a lot of contractions. I am scared.


c - January 28

E - I would call my doctor. I'm 37 weeks and one day and I havn't even felt braxton hicks contractions yet. I want to have the baby now. I'm so SICK of being pregnant! It's been two weeks since I quit going to work - it was great at first, but now I'm so very very bored! My house is spottless... everything is ready for the baby... I've read more books in the last couple of months than I have in the last two years... learning how to play the guitar but I lost my book and now I'm too irritated to go buy a new one. Today, for the first time in a long time, I just sat on the couch, watched TV, and ate all day long. It sounds nice but it was horrible!!! I felt totally depressed, fat, and ugly. I felt totally paralyzed with boredom and anxiety for the baby and the delivery. I feel like I would gladly take labor over this boredom! I called my husband and complained so much that he left work early to come hang out with me. (He was just as bored at his job as I was here at home). I need some energy, entertainment, the ability to exercise and have fun while I do it. I live next to the pacific and it had been beautiful weather lately... but can I go surfing 9 mos pregnant? run on the beach? I can't even walk a mile without having to pee. OK THAT FELT GOOD TO VENT.... THANKS. even if nobody reads this I feel better.


Melissa - January 30

To E: If you are having 4 or more contractions in one hour, you need to call you doctor ASAP. Good luck!


PrnzGroupie - February 1

Vanessa, quit feeling bad - who cares what your house looks like! Go take a nap. Relax. If it is really getting to you - talk to your partner about hiring someone to come in and do the cleaning. The last couple months are physically exhausting. I am just about done (40 weeks tomorrow - we start talking induction - great!), and I came to the conclusion that at some point after the baby comes I may get my energy back and might get some time to clean - if not, oh well! There are more important things for you to be doing right now - like resting...You are building a baby. Good luck!


Kim - February 2

I feel the same way. I am 38 weeks pregnant and just waiting. This waiting is the hardest part. Last week I got so sick of doing dishes, I actually packed away all the gla__ses and plates and replaced them with plastic ware! Everyone thinks this is crazy, but I still don't see it! Some days I get so frustrated because I can't do the things I used to do because I am so fat! Doc just says wait- baby will be here any time! Hang in there.


Kristin - February 2

I completely understand what you are saying. I am 35 weeks, and I am TIRED of being pregnant. I know that in the end there is a great reward, but who ever said that being pregnant was fun, must have been a man!!! Becasue they have obviouslly not been through it yet! What is fun about not sleeping, constantly having to go to the restroom, back pain, stomache pain, weight gaining, or swollen body parts. Then you have a mother-in-law that is trying to TAKE over everything in your home when it comes to decorating your babies room. I am still working and all the stress at work doesn't help either. All in all, just remember that you are not alone! In the end, it will be all worth it... the greatest Reward is only a few weeks away! That is what keeps me going through this last part!


Melissa - February 3

I am 29 wks and feel the same way. I know that I am lucky to be given such a gift but this stinks! Everything hurts and I am dying to have a beer. I just want to go out with the girls for a drink, especially since the superbowl is on Sunday. Just remember your not alone we all are miserable:)



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