Tired Of Being Sick

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Misty - November 12

I am starting my 28th week and this is the third time I have been sick since I was 15 weeks. It is driving me insane! I have nasal congestion, cough, sneezing, green stuff coming out of nose and chest. Has anyone else been sick this much? What helped when you were sick. Doc told me to take either Sudafed or Tylenol Sinus and Robitussin for cough. That is a joke. Plus I get paranoid taking medicine. Any suggestions are appreciated!


Corissa - November 12

I got sick so many times it was horrible. You said you had green stuff from your nose, that is signs of infection actually. You might need something else other than over the counter stuff. It actually sounds like you have a bad sinus infection. I was throwing up around that time and had sinus headaches etc. I took sudafed with Tylenol and that helped but not that much. I would tell your doctor you think you have a sinus infection and he should be able to give you something else. Don't suffer through being sick because you are pregnant there are things that he can give you to take. If you are getting sick with throwing up, ask him if you can take (at night time of course) half a unisom with 100 mg of B6. That should actually make you wake up feeling no nausea and well rested. I am sorry I can't be of more help.


ErinJoy - November 15

I agree with Corissa, it sounds like you have an infection. I would contact my Dr. immediately because he will need to get you started on antibiotics. It's very dangerous to let any infection go let alone when you're pregnant. I hope you get well soon!


Michelle - November 16

I had a sinus infection in August that wasn't treated properly to begin with (because every doctor shied away from the real "big guns" of drugs), and ended up hospitalized two weeks later with pneumonia at 25 weeks. Your symptoms sound serious to me, especially because they are coming from your chest. You need a high dosage of antibiotics ASAP and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I was unhappy to take the medicine, but your health and well-being comes first. They didn't do a chest x-ray on me, but the ER could tell from listening that it had turned into pneumonia. Please, run, don't walk to the hospital. I've had chronic sinus problems my whole life, and they were much worse with pregnancy. I found an ENT the best for this problem. A regular practioner doesn't always know how to handle chronic sinus infections. Good luck, and please take care of yourself!



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