Tired Of Waiting

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jamie_wagner - February 25

Hi, everyone I am new to this forum, my name is Jamie I am 19 years old and I turn 32 weeks pregnant on thursday, i am so anxious to have my daughter. Is there any advice you can give to make the time go by a little faster? I am tired of waiting.


Nervousmommy2b - February 26

I'm 32 weeks too and the time seems to be crawling by! I keep telling myself to enjoy these last few weeks of sleep because our lives are going to change forever pretty soon and we might wish for this time back! Good luck!


treshala - February 26

im 37 wks and 3 days...i really just got to the point where i was tired and cant take it anymore...but it came on strong and im just READY READY READY


mahagen - February 26

Hi Jamie, Congrats and welcome! I crochet, clean, do laundry very slow to make time go by fast and I also and slowly touching with my hospital bag, baby stuff, etc. I am as far as Treshala - 37.3 weeks prego. Time does seem like it is slowly pa__sing but once you find something to do then you will be all good. Organize, clean out drawers, etc.


Gemini_Girl - February 26

Hey! when I was pregnant I was so bored and I thought i took maternity leave too early (6 weeks before EDD and I ended up going 8 days over) i just sat around all the time doing nothing much! When I used to complain people used to tell me to make the most of my time to myself, relax and get rest, at the time I was like "boring" but they were right Im now mum to a lovely 11 day old baby boy hes worth all the work, but your time is just not your own - so make the most of your time you have whilst you still can!


Chris1975 - February 26

Hi Jamie! I hear you..im 38 and a half weeks and the days feel like years to me. I kept myself busy by working...only went on maternity today in fact. Other than that i just went thru house and tidied out all the drawers and cupboards and everything with my dh. I figure ill never get the opportunity once bub comes :) So now we have a neat freak house and im now twiddling thumbs waiting for that B day!!! Hopefully its soon as i cant focus on anything anymore except what it will be like!


treshala - February 26

i just realized i didnt answer the question...lol. sorry. BUT i dont know...hehe. so i guess i need help to cause im going crazy seriously



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