TMI Alert But Can Diarrhea Quot Just Quot Be Diarrhea

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Buffi R. - September 25

I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow with a history of preterm birth (32 weeks from combination placental abruption and bacterial infection). In the last week or two, I've had some minor diarrhea off & on, but today it came back with a vengence. I'm trying to stay hydrated because I know dehydration can cause contractions. The last time I had this, I was put on monitors and no problems were found. I'm hoping I just have a stomach bug or I've been eating too many apples lately (it's autumn afterall!), but I know this can be a labor sign as well. I'm not having any cramping, bleeding or any other problems right now, so that's good, but I always fear what could be around the corner. Has anyone else had trouble with diarrhea when it did NOT lead to labor? thanks.....


jenna32 - September 25

was diarrhea a sign you had the first time you went into premature labor? i would get it checked out just in case since it has happened to you before. But i've been having it as well for a few weeks, it actually just finally started to stop, haven't went into labor yet! Try eating more food like bananas for fruit and starchy foods i think are supposed to help bread,potatos etc.


Buffi R. - September 25

No, fortunately I never had diarrhea with my first pregnancy, not before the labor or at any other time. I did get very nauseated during the labor where I threw up a lot, but no diarrhea.


musicbaby - September 25

I have had loose bowels pretty much on and off through the pregnancy (I am 39 weeks). I have had times where I have had constipation but only lasts a day or two. Dr said that everyone is different at different stages and sometimes when your body gets a surge of hormones that can make your body react with diarrhea. You can get tummy bugs or eat something funny too while pregnant. :-) Tell your Dr just so that its on the books but because you are having no other symptoms it sounds unlikely that its labour. GL. :-)



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