Tmi But Help Pls

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luckymiranda - December 28

i have been getting pink discharges turned brown them pink again i am exactly 36 weeks has anyone had these symptoms and my hips hurt ugh im so tempted to do castor oil already


sarah21 - December 29

You need to talk to your Dr. and tell them what's going on so they can check you and make sure everything is going the way it needs to.


KRISTINA - December 29

I dont want to sound mean, but your 36 weeks and you are ready to try Castor Oil? Are you aware that Castor Oil rarely ever works and not only that you have not even carried your baby to full term?? Having your baby at 36 weeks is not in the babys best intrest. Sure, things would probably be fine if you did because of all the technology we have today, but why would you want that? Wouldnt you want your baby to be big and healthy? Normally I wouldnt say anything, but it seems a lot of women on here feel the same way you do and want to try and have their babies before its recomended. Not trying to sound mean and maybe you didnt mean it you were just saying it because you are that uncomfortable ( I am 36 weeks too) or maybe women just dont realize that this is to early.


treshala - December 29

i cant say anything about when and if you take castor oil because you may be way more uncomfy than another woman who is the same gestation as you. I know that if it was MEDICALLY POSSIBLE for me to have my baby in my first trimester i would have because i thought i was DYING. however some women dont even throw i know every womans pregnancy is different and i wont/cant judge on this matter (hey i may be reaching for the castor oil bottle myself lol) I will say though that some women take it and it doesnt work and you will be left with gas/cramps and/or diarrhea. When is your EDD? as far as the pinkish dischareg i wouldnt worry about that b/c i had some dscharge after a pap smear around 4 or 5 months and a few times after s_x. My doc said that it is ok.


Kira_lynn - December 29

I'd still call your doc. It could be lots of things, some normal and some risky. Its better to hear your doctor tell you not to worry then anyone else on here (no offense intended). Oh and caster oil is so over-rated. My OB said i could try it if i liked (38weeks, but measuring 41weeks) and to only take 2tbsp. Did absolutly nothing, not even diarreah. Bummer. Just wait it out, you'll be much happier knowing your body did wat is was supposed to do.


tynadu - December 30

I have been having pelvic pain for almost 3 months. I have had to sleep sitting up for over 2 months, so I know how you feel. I have been crying and praying and wishing I could just lay down and sleep for a few hours. I guess that is just life. Just hang in there and give baby a little more time to grow and call your Dr about the pink.


luckymiranda - December 30

thanks guys for the comments im just so uncomfortable but i was just venting that day errr couple more weeks to go cross fingers hope she comes early tootles happy 2008



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