TMI Question About Sex

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Traci76 - June 14

This is pretty embarassing, but I don't want to call my doctor's office to ask. I'm restricted from having s_x until I'm 36 weeks due to already having contractions. (6 more weeks to go!) Anyway, my question is, do you think that restricts m____eion also? Please don't laugh!!


redemptive_angel - June 14

I would a__sume it involves masterbation too. Reason being, when you orgasm... your uterus contracts and it is a type of contraction that can bring on labor. If I were you I would not risk it. They say the baby's lungs aren't developed fully until around the 36 week.


livdea - June 14

See I thought it was the sperm that made s_x a no no. Actually I think it's a VERY good question, I'd honestly call the Dr and see what they say! They've heard worse I'm SURE! And you might not even have to identify yourself! I think it's worth calling and asking!!! :D good luck!


Steph - June 14

I would a__sume that it means masturbation as well because when you have an orgasm, whether on your own or with your dh, you will start to contract from the orgasm.


Steph - June 14

Ooops!! Just read what redemptive_angel wrote...same d__n thing!! ;o)


Traci76 - June 14

Ok, I called and talked to a nurse. Didn't identify myself, and told her I had a personal and embara__sing question. She said that was what she was there for! ;) She said she would also advise against masturbation because of the orgasm. So, that clears that up! Thanks for your help!!


Patti - June 15

I've been told that that includes doing s_xual acts to your partner because it can stimulate you even if you don't mean for it to. Might want to check w/ your Dr. about that too. Sorry you have to go through this!


livdea - June 15

man...that sucks. Well at least it would with my s_x drive! I'll pray that your six s_xless weeks go by fast my dear! :D


ashley - June 15

so my question would be this then....... I often have "s_x dreams" where I woke up and was actually having an orgasm...that wouldn't be good being restricted from s_x huh?


Traci76 - June 15

Wow Ashley, don't guess you could avoid that!!! hahaha I do have very, very vivid dreams, especially these days. ;) But, you've got me beat! LOL



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